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The Pull of the Tribal Mindset

Aisling FitzGibbon

“You are the average of the five people you spend most time with.” Jim Rohn.png

All of us are born into tribes-  we have families, friends, race, nationalities and other social groupings. The tribe creates the rules for living and the structure of your reality, telling you who we are within it and how to behave. To feel safe and accepted people follow tribal rules as by nature we are tribal and we long to belong.  

Some people embrace the tribal mindset all their lives, never imagining anything else beyond its values, and established limitations. I didn’t embrace the tribal mindset due to my upbringing with my Mum who always encouraged me to foster my dreams and think outside the box.

In my years of campaigning to end water fluoridation in Ireland I challenged the tribal mindset and it wasn’t easy. It was one of my greatest learning experiences as the tribe closed ranks using their protective mechanisms of anger, cognitive dissonance, rejection and resistance. Who was I to oppose the medical system who upheld the water fluoridation policy? Who was I to challenge the law that had been in place since the 60’s, ethically approved by the Catholic church and supported by Ireland’s conservative parties? I was someone who had stepped outside the tribe and brought awareness to their unjust, undemocratic law that was damaging people’s long term health.  

When we challenge the rules of the tribe we challenge people’s sense of safety and their source of validation. The thought of any change makes the ego feel like it’s going to be annihilated as people’s sense of identity is tied into the system they uphold. It took time for my extended family to listen to the issue, but this was after multiple exposures to the information, mostly gleaned from magazines and newspapers- the reference points that reflect their reality. It took even more time for others to switch over to filtered water so great is the pull of the collective tribal mindset.

What I learned from my years as an active campaigner is that change does not happen overnight and that it can only arise from a certain level of awareness and consciousness. Coming up strongly against the system, I was met with a backlash of resistance as the medical system and the legal system closed ranks to ensure the protection of the water fluoridation policy.

There were and still are some wonderful brave hearts who stood with me, outside Leinster House, outside Chemifloc (the company that supplies fluoridation chemicals to Ireland's drinking water), outside the Department of Health and at other awareness raising events in the country.

We believed that we were going to make a difference. We believed that we were the ones who were going to make the government see the error of their ways. Yet the purest of intent fell on deaf ears because the majority preferred to stay within the safety of the tribe. It didn’t matter that we had the science and truth on our side.

After much reflection I began to realise that what we need is an alternative tribe of people who want to learn to master their energy and health on all levels. It’s necessary to detach ourselves from the tribe to follow our own evolutionary journey. As you master your energy and raise your consciousness you radiate that energy outwards. This indirectly influences those you live with, work with and people in our community.

The internal shifts you make eventually creates external change. Releasing your belief of obligation to the tribe opens up your energy pathways to enter the unknown where all new possibilities enter.

You disconnect from the tribe so that in time you can reconnect at a higher level of interconnectedness. Moving from codependency where you need to be uniform to fit in to interdependency where you have unity within diversity. 

If you want to create a new reality, then you need to evacuate from the unevolved tribal mentality that’s clinging to the old system. Familiarity may make us feel safe, but it also stifles growth as sameness leads to stagnation. We cannot change the current system. We can only transcend it.

The only people who can do this is you and I who are called to do this work from a place of joy, mutual support and a deep inner knowing that we’re here to lift the planet to a higher reality. It’s not easy to step away from the mainstream without support which is why I created a membership for a community of trail blazers who are on the path of self discovery.

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