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Fragrance Alchemy - The tool to clear issues from your tissues?

Aisling FitzGibbon

Do you find that no matter how much self- work you do, the same memories and issues keep emerging, upsetting your balance? I sure did until I discovered Fragrance Alchemy.

Today I want to share with you how Fragrance Alchemy can help you. I interviewed Dave Reedijk the owner of Geuren Alchemie in Holland who sells Fragrance Alchemy in Europe.

Dave discovered the healing powers of Fragrance Alchemy and was determined to share their benefits with both his clients and other practitioners. By 2013 having ensured that the oils comply with EU regulations he set up his business of selling Fragrance Alchemy oils.

Origin of Fragrance Alchemy Oils

The oils are produced by a family in Egypt and have been passed down the generations. The oils have very high frequency which is why they are able to dissolve density, negative beliefs and help to release suppressed emotions. The power of these oils has recently been tested in a laboratory in Taiwan. They were found to be the highest vibrating oils known on earth. For example other leading therapeutic oils test between 5-7 MHz, while Fragrance Alchemy test beyond 16 MHz. (MHz= Hertz Frequency).

Fragrance alchemy works on our 20 meridians - Twelve ordinary meridians and eight extraordinary meridians. Memories are held in the magnetic fields of the body and these are generated by the 20 meridians. Memories can obstruct the flow of our life force leading to long term disease. Each of the oils is specific to a meridian and the corresponding organ. Traditional Chinese medicine have mapped out the times of the meridians. If these is a specific emotion such as grief then the specific oil is applied onto the meridian at a certain time. For example, one of the oils Neroli is used to treat the lung. If Neroli is applied between 3-5 am when our lung energy is most active, healing is most effective.

Before and after using Alchemy Oils

Using a thermal imagery camera you get a heat map of the body which can show up problem areas in the body. One of Dave's clients showed up a problem with her thyroid. For this Dave applied the oil Blend of the Gods to the thyroid points. He also applied the oil directly onto the thyroid gland on the neck. When Dave proceeded to retake the thermal image of her thyroid after the oil treatment, her thyroid problem had resolved. Although Dave was very much aware of the power of Fragrance Alchemy, this was evidence that they were strong enough to alleviate thyroid illness.

Benefits of using Fragrance Alchemy with Nutrition

Fragrance alchemy is ideal to use with nutrition as it supports a healthy body and a healthy mind. It helps to tackle health problems a lot faster using a combination of both of these modalities.  Clearing the emotional body helps to clear the blockages to encourage the free flow of energy through our energy system. The twelve ordinary meridian and the eight extraordinary meridian protocol can be used together to help clear the trauma of past experiences which are stored in our cellular memory. 

All of us come in with certain ancestral memories and memories from previous lifetimes that may be impacting on our day to day life. Fragrance Alchemy helps to dissolve those memories, freeing us from repetitive patterns, beliefs and limiting programming.

When you feel stuck and unable to move onto the next level of growth then using these oils helps to dissolve the density that is creating blockages at a cellular level.

My personal Experience of Fragrance Alchemy

I have been using Fragrance Alchemy since last year with my clients and have witnessed their incredible power of transformation. Emotional blockages can keep us spinning in repetitive dramas that continue to control our lives no matter how much self- work we do. This is the origin of much pain and suffering. 

I’ve seen clients who suddenly become aware of a deeply suppressed emotion. With the application of the oils it dislodges the negative emotion so that the pure emotions like trust and love can be experienced and lived.

I’ve also seen how people begin to have clarity and a deeper perspective of their lives after their Fragrance Alchemy sessions. 

Fragrance Alchemy helps:

  • By dissolving cellular density blockages that have stopped you from moving forward in you life.

  • To brings awareness and a deep sense of hope.

  • By detoxifying your organs, reducing brain fog and increasing energy levels.

  • To balance hormonal issues which is a very common issue when you are experiencing high levels of stress.

    If you would love to include Fragrance Alchemy as part of your self care practice. Apply for a clarity call below and we can discuss what is the best option for you.