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All Is The Self

Aisling FitzGibbon


All is the self they say. Ok so what happens when you look outside and you don't like what you see. Well you firstly can feel absolutely powerless to the madness, the chaos, the corruption, the injustice, but this is never ending. A black hole that will swallow you up. When you become absolutely jaded, disgusted, cannot bare one second more of this horror. Well this is the moment that leap ahead to the next dimension so to speak. This part gets interesting as you start to glean the perception that all is the self. That you are in fact a being as vast as the Cosmos. That all is ONE. (what even those fecking Politicians) yes all is YOU. You are a unique facet of the DIVINE. OK so I'm a Goddess/God being of the Divine, how do I navigate this physical world. Now it gets fascinating. Now you know that all is yourself. The outer world is YOU. So you do what any sane person does, you transform within your life. And as you do your magical vibration ripples outwards and impacts the collective. This is your power and what you CAN do. You are a powerful co-creator. It is time to own it and bring forth your magic.

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