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Why I Choose Organic Hair Dye

Aisling FitzGibbon

 A woman’s hair is a lifelong industry centring on the latest styles, and a myriad of vibrant colours. It's an industry that us women subscribe to because we want to look beautiful. We want that feeling of having our dull and lanky hair transformed into a bouffant of colour and glory. A visit to the hairdressers with its intimate setting, prompts a sharing of our lives, even the unburdening of life’s problems. It makes us happy but does that happiness come at a price?

When faced with a cancer diagnosis at the age of 28, Mette struggled to find out why. Her family had always been healthy, she didn’t smoke and she ate well. The lump in her breast set Mette on a journey of wellness that got her questioning everything we put into our body and what we put on our body. That included hair dye,a substance most women would find difficult to do without today, me included. 

Mette started with exploring safer shampoos and later on looked at producing a hair dye that wasn’t toxic to the women using it in their salon and to their customers. Natulique, an organic hair dye was born. The rest is history as salons now in 45 countries stock their colours. The ingredients in the dyes are made from renewable sources with 95% of ingredients coming from a natural source. They are paraben free, non GMO, with no microbeads or fillers. As much as possible they are biodegradable.

So does hair dye cause health problems?

It depends on what studies you read. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is part of the World Health Organisation who have said that workplace exposure as a hairdresser is “probably carcinogenic to humans.” This was based on data from cancer studies on bladder cancer. The National Toxicology Program ( NTP) has not classified exposure to hair colours as cancer causing.

The toxic chemicals that may be cancer causing and should be avoided, especially in pregnancy are PPD  (para phenylenediamine) Hydrogen peroxide, Ammonia, Parabens, Resorcinol, lead Acetate and DMDM Hydantoin. Mothers to be should not be exposed to breathing in the fumes associated with typical hair treatments. It is recommended by doctors that women stay clear of toxic compounds such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide for at least the first three months of pregnancy. The reason for this is that some chemicals may be linked to physical birth defects or genetic defects in the foetus. According to the American Cancer society, the Harvard School of Public Health and the American Journal of Epidemiology there is an association between using synthetic chemical dyes and certain types of cancers.

The Solution

I know I’m not taking any chances and have decided that the only hair colours I use come from Natulique. They are organic and chemical free which fits in with my green lifestyle. I had my hair done two weeks ago at a lovely salon in Dublin called Hermans who is using shampoos, conditioners and colours from the Natulique range. Speaking to Mette, one of the owners of the Natulique company, is refreshing as she is so passionate about her products. The vision of her company is for organic and sustainable cosmetics and products to become part of everyday life to enhance people’s lives and the environment. None of her products are tested on animals. Hurrah for pioneering entrepreneurs like Mette. 

 Before getting my hair coloured by Natulique my roots had really grown out

Before getting my hair coloured by Natulique my roots had really grown out

 My hair feels beautiful and in great quality after having highlights by Natulique. 

My hair feels beautiful and in great quality after having highlights by Natulique. 

Safety tips for colouring hair in pregnancy

Avoid having your hair coloured in the first trimester.

Choose a semi- permanent over a permanent dye

Wear gloves if colouring your own hair

Get highlights instead to avoid contact with the scalp

Request your own hairdresser to start using Natulique.

If you are a hairdresser based in Ireland and would like to move over to using Natulique in your salon you can contact Catriona at Simply Natural

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