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Results of my own blood tests using the Bill Walsh Protocol

Aisling FitzGibbon

Last week I got my test results from the Biomnis lab that uses Dr Bill Walsh’s protocol for testing methylation status, mineral and vitamin deficiencies and minerals in excess. I must say it was a bit like receiving exam results in the post. Although I have worked extensively on myself using nutrition and supplements I wanted to see if there was anything I had overlooked and if there were any improvements needed. It seemed there was…..

This test measures methylation status which is the most decisive factor in epigenetic disorders. An example of an epigenetic disorder is autism, a condition that seems to have increased exponentially in the past decade. According to Dr Bill Walsh, autism appears to be a gene programming disorder that develops in undermethylated persons who experience environmental insults that produce overwhelming oxidative stress. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t undermethylated.

We use the methylation pathway to remove toxicity from the body, changing toxins of all kinds from insoluble or fat soluble into water soluble compounds. If there is a problem with methylation there is a build up of toxicity in the body.  Without adequate methylation a person can become very tired as methylation is needed to create energy. Methylation helps to convert homocysteine into methionine.When people have problems with the MTHFR enzyme they will have a problem in resynthesizing methionine from homocysteine. This can lead to exhaustion, depression and cardiovascular disease.

Fortunately the tests showed that I don’t have any problem with my methylation status. Phew. Many people today have problems with methylation due to poor diet, processed foods, especially sugar. Sugar depletes the minerals needed for methylation such as magnesium and zinc.  B Vitamins are also vital for the methylation pathway.

My homocysteine levels were well within a healthy range. Problems with homocysteine levels are linked to methylation status and also to B12 and to Folic acid. If B12 and folic acid levels are low then homocysteine levels can build up in the body. A lack of these B vitamins can cause conditions such as spina bifida and Downs Syndrome.

My Zinc levels were normal and my copper levels were normal. High copper tends to be a marker for people who are overmethylators. High copper in the body tends to lower histamine levels and low histamine levels are linked to overmethylation. Anxiety and depression are the main symptoms of overmethylation.

Thyroid results were normal. I was delighted with this as problems with the thyroid can impact fertility. This is because low levels of thyroid hormones can interfere with ovulation. Even subclinical hypothyroidism can become a problem with the demands of pregnancy. This can lead to a risk of miscarriage and to low birth weight.

I don’t have pyroluria. For this I underwent a urine test to check for kryptopyrroles. This condition usually results in very elevated levels of pyrroles in urine along with deficiencies of zinc and vitamin B6. Pyroluria is a stress disorder with onset of depression often triggered by severe emotional or physical trauma. Pyroluria can lead to academic underachievement regardless of intelligence. It can cause people to be fearful and pessimistic and prone to isolating themselves from others. 

The only thing that was wrong with my blood results was that my vitamin D levels were not as optimal as they should be. Perhaps this is because the test was done in the colder winter months? I usually go on a holiday to the sun each year and love to sunbathe. Last year as I was starting my business I didn’t get to go away. However I did manage to get some of our Irish sun. Maybe it just wasn’t enough. I plan to up my vitamin D status naturally with getting out into the sun everyday. I will also eat foods that are high in vitamin D such as salmon and egg yolks. More of that delicious crème brule I made last night. Now I have a great excuse to indulge.

Vitamin D supports the healthy bone development of the baby so I will work on increasing my vitamin D levels. I don’t want to use supplements as I once took them and did not feel well taking them. According to Dr Mercola there is compelling reason to believe the vitamin D created in your skin is even more beneficial than supplemental vitamin D3. This is because when your skin is exposed to the sun the skin synthesises Vitamin D3 sulphate. According to Dr Stephanie Seneff there's reason to believe that the profound benefits are due to the Vitamin D sulfate.

Am I glad I did the Bill Walsh protocol blood test? Yes I am as with my health I want to leave no stone unturned. I wanted to check my methylation status as I wanted to make sure I wasn’t undermethylated as this could be linked to genetic problems in the next generation.  Nutritional deficiencies right at the time of conception can alter a baby’s genes permanently, according to scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine report.  I do believe that preconceptual care will be routine in the future with both women and men looking after their health, checking their methylation and mineral status and taking the steps to ensure the health of their children. For example, some women will need more folic acid than others to prevent neural tube defects. However if you have MTHFR genes you will need the methylated form of folate not folic acid. Equally a dad’s folate status and diet is important in preventing birth defects. The expression of genes contained in the DNA from parents can be regulated by nutritional conditions. A poor diet by fathers can be a causative factor in high blood pressure and diabetes in the next generation.

I am delighted to be able to offer blood tests in my Nutritional practice. Based on results I create tailor made programmes that are carefully scaffolded to suit your biochemistry. Changing your biochemistry transforms your life. If you are interested in getting in touch please fill out my clarity call application form.