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Tired of feelin' blue?

Aisling FitzGibbon

Yes, I know that we should be going to bed at sunset and relaxing for two hours before we go to sleep. But that doesn’t always happen. The reality is that for many of us the hours after sunset are when we catch up on our emails, scroll on Facebook and want to watch either a funny or an inspirational movie.

When I first found out that melatonin production begins between 9- 10 pm I became, well a little bit obsessed to tell you the truth. I even bought black out blinds and retired to my inner sanctum. I was delighted thinking of all that lovely melatonin I was producing. Well as you know it, this didn’t always work as my boyfriend would ask me to go to the cinema or a friend would drop by and although in the beginning I was telling them about melatonin I quickly saw their eyes glaze over. So I had a choice- either join a monastery where melatonin production would be a high priority, whereby alienating friends and boyfriend, or seek another solution.   

So I did some research and discovered the benefits of amber glasses. Phew. So the nights when I’m not in bed by sunset I can wear glasses that protect against the blue, green and white lights that suppress melatonin production. Studies have shown that from wearing amber glasses, people produce as much melatonin as they do in dim light even when using light emitting technology. Any lights from electronic devises, artificial light and TV emit blue, green and white light. This is the type of light that needs to be avoided after sunset. The easiest and most manageable solution for most people is to use amber coloured glasses that block blue light.

Of course being the magnanimous and conscientious person that I am, I decided to buy a few pairs of these glasses. There is no point in just me wearing them is there?  So when my friends arrive or my boyfriend comes to stay we become guardians of melatonin production. I’m happy and they’re bemused. Whether their eyes glaze over now matters not a jot since we’re all wearing amber glasses.