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The Secret Power of Colds and Flus


The Secret Power of Colds and Flus

Aisling FitzGibbon

My yummy cup of carrageen moss drink 

My yummy cup of carrageen moss drink 

Nobody likes the symptoms of a cold or flu. Achy limbs, running nose, coughing and sneezing. So when a drug promises an end to cold and flu symptoms the common reaction is to take it. No more congestion, reduced sneezing and a cough that reduces to a slight wheeze.There is no need to take time out of one’s busy schedule. The miracle of modern medicine.

But what if I tell you that colds and flus are nature’s way of allowing our bodies to throw off toxicity. They are nature’s way of clearing out the mucus membranes, clearing out our sinuses, and that sneezing is our body’s way of throwing off a virus. What’s more is a raised temperature is nature’s way of burning the cold/flu virus out of our body.

So what happens when we stop a cold in its tracks? The body is quite simply not given the chance to cleanse and the toxins that were trying to be expelled stay in the body. Now what happens if this scenario continues on year after year when each time we have cold symptoms we get rid of the very messenger that is telling us that we need to clear out our body and cleanse.  

In the same way that we need to spring clean our homes, clear out our car, we also need to do the same thing to the most important vehicle of all – our body. Whenever I had a cold/ flu/ sore throat as a child I was sent to bed or I lay on the couch at home. All I was given was freshly squeezed juices, soups and lightly steamed vegetables with lots of garlic. I was given no medication to arrest those symptoms so I learned to cope with those uncomfortable feelings.  I have learned that this way of treating the body was how I recovered from every infection, leaving me feel well and strong afterwards. I allowed my own immune response to heal me.  I also rested when I was ill, as rest is so important for the body to heal. 

Today we are given the impression that colds and flus are inconveniences that need to be eliminated as soon as possible so we can get on with our lives. Suppression of symptoms allows us to get on with our lives but at what cost? If we suppress the acute symptoms of colds/flus, then we are paving the way for more chronic conditions such as autoimmune disorders. The more we suppress the symptoms the deeper the disease picture becomes and the more chronic and life threatening the condition. This is what we are seeing today with more and more people becoming chronically ill with conditions such as asthma, arthritis and depression.  

As a society there is a tendency to shun what gives us pain. 

This spring my body decided it needed to cleanse and employed the cold virus to do it. Yes, I felt awful. Yes, I had aching joints, an annoying cough and giant dramatic sneezes. But I listened to my body and gave it what it needed. Rest, lots of hydrating warm drinks, soups made with a variety of vegetables and super antibacterial and immune boosting chicken stock. In three days I felt the life coming back into my body and my energy returning. My dry cough became more productive and I was able to cough up the mucus from my lungs- what a relief.  Rather than rushing back into work I took things easy for another few days. Now my body feels clear and clean, my mind sharp and I feel ready to bounce into Spring.

To ease my chest and cough, I sipped carrageen moss drink throughout the day. It is a fantastic remedy that my Great Granny Nelly used during the colder months to boost the whole family's immune system. It is brilliant to see the traditional home cures re-emerging again as we reconnect with our intuition and desire for natural based products. 

Great Granny Nelly Carrageen Moss Cold and Flu Tonic

Carrageen moss 1 handful

 Filtered Water (approx. 700ml)

1 Whole lemon

Honey (to taste)


Prepare seaweed by soaking for half an hour in water and then thoroughly washing under running water removing any roots.

Put the carrageen moss into a pot with water and boil.

Add juice of 1 lemon together with the rind (basically whole thing but separated) and cloves.

Cover and simmer for half an hour.

Strain and add honey to taste.