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The Magic of Mentoring

Aisling FitzGibbon

When I first started working as a Nutritional Therapist I’d give clients copious amounts of information about their given condition coupled with advice on the correct foods and supplements to begin their healing journey. I rather naively thought that the information and knowledge would set them free. What I noticed however is that some of them did nothing.

So, what on earth was happening? In hindsight, I realised that the gap between where a client wanted to go and where they were currently at was enormous. Just giving a one -off session, hoping that healthier habits would be adhered to was not taking this into account. This is because making changes without support and accountability can be difficult. Knowledge is one thing but the practical application of this knowledge is another.   

It was time for me to change the way I worked if I wanted to help people regain their health.  Knowledge clearly was not enough. If I was to make real change in my client’s lives I would have to look at ways in which I could work at my full capacity.  Over time I developed my 3-6-month health mentoring programme which has revolutionised my practice and has given my clients the results they need.  

My health mentoring programmes doesn’t just focus on food. I work in developing the correct mind set, I dissolve limiting beliefs, I design strategies that are soul filled, and enable my clients to adopt healthier habits that fit into their lives.

Guiding clients very often to their own conclusions in a session is what gets them to shift their own belief patterns that may be blocking their progress. It is amazing what happens when subtle shifts are made that lead to positive actions.

During my mentoring programme dietary changes are introduced and monitored on a weekly basis. Sessions are one to one and take place at the same time every week. Clients are given a clear understanding of what happens to their body when biochemical changes take place. This is important as the healing journey is not linear. There are periods of expansion and contraction occurring as the body releases its toxicity and gains greater integrity.

The weekly sessions build on the previous session so that knowledge and understanding is consolidated. Scaffolded changes help to avoid the sense of overwhelm people feel when confronted with having too many things to do. It’s not possible to provide the necessary education in a few session as the diet, the supplements and techniques are adjusted weekly and when needed.

Weekly mentoring empowers my clients as they learn to understand how their body reacts to changes in diet and what techniques to implement to ensure the safe removal of toxicity from their cells. Emotional support is crucial as when we detox on a physical level we also begin to clear old stuck feelings that were lodged in our tissues.

My mentoring programme has been a massive learning curve for me as I could not have achieved what I wanted to achieve with clients without creating it.

With each person I work with, we go on a journey together to get to where they want to go to. I love mentoring as it provides a structure to my healing programme. It gives me the opportunity to combine my occupational therapy skills with my nutritional work as I tailor my programme to suit each person’s needs. I find that mentoring gives me the space to work with clients on all levels of healing which is so important as our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are deeply interconnected. I have witnessed so many times that when people begin to make changes in one area of their lives and it unravels the blocks they are having in another.

Mentoring is magical and the investment pays dividends for your current and future health. Yes, you can get a plan from a nutritionist but if your old patterns and behaviours aren’t transformed then you won’t get the results. 

If you are interested in working with me please get in touch.