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Why people get sick this time of year


Why people get sick this time of year

Aisling FitzGibbon

Christmas is a feeling, a festival of light and love, a special time. I love it. After the stillness of the Winter Solstice, three days later the solar celebration begins with the rebirth of the sun. Energy rises and we have an urge perhaps to clean our house, get our affairs in order and on a physical body level our cells begin to open and to detox. There is enough energy at this time for our body to eliminate toxicity from our cells.

This is one of the reasons why some so many people come down with coughs, colds, flus and stomach upsets at the Winter Solstice. As I grew up with this knowledge I learned to respect the energy of the Solstice and if I was ill then I allowed the symptoms to express naturally to enable my body to get on with the job of detoxification.

You Give Me Fever

Symptoms of colds and flus are the body’s way to throw off toxicity. Our body naturally employs viruses to stimulate energy and movement to get rid of unwanted waste in the body. Over the counter remedies such as uniflu and lemsip are regularly taken to lower high temperatures. By artificially lowering the body temperature we are interfering with our own immune response to viral invasion. The role of the rise in body temperature halts viral replication and helps eliminate bacterial waste products. Many infectious agents do not survive with a high temperature. Viruses thrive best at 37 degrees celsius/ 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which is your normal body temperature. 

Feed Your Cold And You Will Have To Starve Your Fever

When the body gets a cold or a flu at this time of year it is best to go with the body’s attempts to detox and support it by eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables and fluids. Eating solid build up foods hampers the detox process leading to secondary bacterial infections that are very uncomfortable and are longer lasting. I automatically switch to a cleansing diet when I get a cold/flu.  I use warmed vegetable juices, fruit juices and light soups to cleanse. I make liberal use of garlic, ginger and onions. I also rest, as rest is needed so that energy is available to fight off the invading virus. Afterwards my body is cleaner, healthier and stronger.

Suppression of symptoms leads to a rise in toxicity and to more chronic health conditions, where the body does not have enough energy to cleanse waste products out of the cells. For example, suppression of skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis with topical steroids can lead to more chronic conditions such as asthma. We have replaced acute expressive symptoms (skin eruptions, colds) with more chronic conditions that are more life threatening and longterm.

When people work with me they sometimes find that illnesses that were previously suppressed begin to manifest, before they retreat for good. Mentoring helps people understand what is happening and how to best support symptoms when they begin to express. Detoxification on a physical level can often bring great emotional and psychological release as we shed the layers of density and toxicity that block our energy.  

Your Body is Wise Beyond Words.

To Your Health,