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Become a Goddess for the Winter Solstice

Aisling FitzGibbon


Today the sun stands still. Welcome to the Winter Solstice and to the imminent birth of the Solar New Year. For three days the sun appears to stand still in the sky giving us the opportunity to surrender to the powerful feminine energy of introspection and reflection. I like to use this time to look back on the year to celebrate achievements, to recall precious moments of perception gained and to give thanks. It is an occasion to shed what's no longer needed for the new cycle of life.

I use ritual to mark this time of year. During the day, I eat lightly and drink lots of water. During the longest night, I will step into a relaxing bath, lit by the softness of candle glow. To this I'll add epsom salts to help remove any physical impurities through my skin. I'll surrender to any feelings that come to the surface. I will relax, release and let go.  

As this is a time for creating visions, I plan to dream big. Imprinting intent into visions at this potent time paves the way to their possibility. A few years ago I envisioned meeting my soul mate. I imagined how I'd feel and I wrote down exactly what I wanted in a life partner. I immediately released any attachment to outcome which opens up the energy bodies to receive. I simply stated what I wanted but had no idea how it was going to happen. I trusted that it would.

In less than a year I was invited by Paddy Casey to his concert in Dublin. Thank you Paddy. On the day I was meant to travel I wanted to cancel and stay at home as the country was being lashed with ferocious winds. Us Irish are not suited to vicious weather attacks and it was Christmas when most of the country were still in hibernation. My mum felt I was meant to go and had already booked my train ticket. 

After the concert I met a girl called Tara who invited my friend Adrienne and I to Whelan’s bar in Dublin. So with a large pink suitcase the size of a small country I trotted off. Eager to hide my monster case I found a spot behind an equally enormous Christmas tree. As I emerged from the foliage, with tinsel trapped in my hair, I literally bumped into a man with a beard and a smile. Richie. The vision I once had was already beginning to journey into my reality.

Today I invite you all to tap into this magical time with me. Try to spend some time in quiet reflection and listen to the whispers of your dreams, the messengers from your future.

Eat lightly, drink lots of filtered water, breathe deeply. Go for a walk in nature. At 9 pm prepare for your bathing ritual. As you run your bath put two cups of Epsom salts into the water. Stay in the bath for at least 20 minutes as you contemplate on what you want to shed and what you want to happen for the next cycle of your life.

We can look forward in three days from now to the rebirth of the sun, the harbinger of hope, light and promise. The rising feminine energy will then prompt us to open our hearts to give and to receive love. But for now enjoy the anticipation as we wait. Happy Winter Solstice everyone. 

Aisling x