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The Art of Nutritional Therapy healed my depression


The Art of Nutritional Therapy healed my depression

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo Credit: Pawel Nowak

Photo Credit: Pawel Nowak

I chose the profession of Nutritional Therapy because it helped me heal from years of depression and initiated my path to self-empowerment.  My journey to recovery did not happen overnight nor did it happen in an entirely linear way as healing naturally is a road of massive gains, some stop gaps and stepping out of balance to reach a higher state of balance.

Nutritional therapy focuses primarily on the healing power of food, sufficient hydration, supplements and detoxification techniques. It sounds simple enough but its power is unsurpassed as we begin to change our physical form. The correct food and fluids are needed to prepare the body for the biochemical changes that happen once supplements are introduced. Skipping this very important step and launching into taking supplements allopathically for a given condition is stressful to the body and can be counter-productive.  

Nutritional Therapy is an art and like any art form it needs to be carefully crafted and mastered. Depending on what stage you are at or what illness is manifesting, the correct diet is vital. In some instances a more catabolic diet is needed to encourage the body to detox and while in others, the body needs to follow a more nourishing diet in order to build up. The diet is tweaked and adjusted according to how the person is feeling and according to the season.

The supplements really are the game changers of the nutritional world as they begin the process of changing a distorted biochemistry. Think of a cell that for years has been unable to cleanse properly and has left the person feeling tired, lacking in motivation and depressed. Think of a person who has taken multiple courses of antibiotics and who is now suffering from mitochondrial dysfunction and has little energy.

Firstly the cell is prepared with the diet so that it is more flexible and open to absorb certain minerals. Taking magnesium for instance into the body will begin to create a massive shift that the body needs to be prepared for as it begins to shed its toxic load.

In the beginning people can feel full of energy and very well on supplements. They can feel themselves literally come back to life with a return of their former creativity and joy. This is the easy part. For example magnesium goes into the cell, stirs up the ATP energy pump and a person feels energized. When enough energy is present at a cellular level there is now sufficient energy for the body to eliminate what is not needed inside the cell. The clearing begins and this needs to be understood.

Some people experience headaches or feel irritable and bone weary. It is at this point that the toxins have exited the cell and are now in the lymphatic system and going to the liver to be processed. A healing crisis ensues when what is being released from the cells isn’t getting out quickly enough. I had read up on the dreaded healing crisis and actually wanted to experience one as I had read that it was a sign that the body now had enough integrity to release its toxic load.  A few weeks into my healing programme I felt bone tired and nauseous but with the help of some detox tools I recovered quickly and felt super energised afterwards.

Each time we have a healing crisis we peel away another layer of density, another layer of suppression that is standing in our way to full health. As I had been taking anti-depressants for a few years I had to detox the residues of these drugs from my system. I had to go through coming off these medications and I experienced the withdrawal effects after about six weeks. My brain flat lined and my energy slumped. This was to be my turning point as it was at my lowest point that I learned to release my fear and not to attach to outcome. I was advised to take supplements that were known to have an effect on mood and energy and within four days I was out of the woods. My brain literally woke up. Afterwards I knew I was on the right track and that I would never look back.

Healing is never linear when we are moving out of our current state into a much higher state of balance and in the process a lot has to be eliminated. While this is happening energy can fluctuate. The elimination process is a journey that needs careful guidance and monitoring. We can expand into the energy and contract when we eliminate. We can revisit old health issues that perhaps were once suppressed and are now finally getting a chance to express. With each release and dump of cellular toxins we start to feel lighter and less encumbered by a past that feels rapidly dissolving. For me supplements were increased and decreased according to how I was reacting and then others were introduced. This is the art form that needs careful guidance until you can learn to do it for yourself.

As we begin to clear on a physical level, the thoughts and emotions that have been stored in our cells also begin to be released. This made sense as the new me who was emerging did not want the emotional baggage of my past. I went through a process of releasing my old fears and clinging to what was known. Emotions I had suppressed came up to be released and I allowed myself to go into them. On a deeper level I trusted this process and fully engaged with letting go. At one point I actually felt I was releasing ancestral memories and trauma that must have been passed down through my DNA. I am now aware that it is almost impossible to let go of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve us if they are still lodged in our cells. There is no therapy more powerful than Nutritional Therapy to initiate a process that leads you to your soul’s purpose. As we strip away the layers of density we rise in consciousness and begin our personal ascension.

There are times we may feel we are going backwards when the rate of release far exceeds our ability to get the toxins removed from our body. This is when we may feel we are being tried and tested as we instigate the changes that are needed to expel the old while we make way for the new us, the new template. This is why I work very carefully with clients to ensure that they are aware of what is happening in their bodies and how best they can support their physical vehicle in a time of change and transition. It is a process of reconnection on all levels and is indeed a journey for the dauntless.