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Welcome to Energy is Your Currency Membership

Aisling FitzGibbon

Welcometo Energy is Your CurrencyMembership.png

Last year I started asking myself a lot of what ifs. What if there was an online community of people who wanted to come together on this path of evolving consciousness? What if there were people out there who wanted to be taught self-mastery tools in a group each month that could also learn from one another as they integrated the content into their own lives. At the time I was teaching a group course called Trust is Your Default Setting and found that when it was over there was no space for people to go.

Today I'm launching Energy is Your Currency Membership as the space to support you on your evolutionary journey. Enrollment is open Wednesday 31st January - Wednesday 7th February. 

Each month you will receive:

A monthly masterclass. The first month is on the Energy is Your Currency Philosophy. 

A How To video to practice the theme of the month. 

A Live Q & A hosted in our private Facebook community to answer your questions from the month. 

Special bonus material to make being a member of Energy is Your Currency light up your world in ways you never thought possible. 

Energy is Your Currency Membership is only 15.99 Euro per month. I've kept this membership super affordable so creating change in 2018 feels like a breeze. 



Aisling xo

P.S if you have any technical issues please reach me on and I'll be back to you as soon as I can. 

The Pull of the Tribal Mindset

Aisling FitzGibbon

“You are the average of the five people you spend most time with.” Jim Rohn.png

All of us are born into tribes-  we have families, ethnicity, nationality, friends, and other social groupings. The tribe creates the rules for living and the structure of our reality, telling us who we are within it and how to behave. To feel safe and accepted people follow tribal rules as by nature we are tribal and we long to belong.  

Some people embrace the tribal mindset all their lives, never imagining anything else beyond its values, and established limitations. I didn’t embrace the tribal mindset due to my upbringing with my Mother who always encouraged me to foster my dreams and think outside the box.

In my years of campaigning to end water fluoridation in Ireland I challenged the tribal mindset and it wasn’t easy. It was one of my greatest learning experiences as the tribe closed ranks using their protective mechanisms of anger, cognitive dissonance, rejection and resistance. Who was I to oppose the medical system who upheld the water fluoridation policy? Who was I to challenge the law that had been in place since the 60’s, ethically approved by the Catholic church and supported by Ireland’s conservative parties? I was someone who had stepped outside the tribe and brought awareness to their unjust, undemocratic law that was damaging people’s long term health.  

When we challenge the rules of the tribe we challenge people’s sense of safety and their source of validation. The thought of any change makes the ego feel like it’s going to be annihilated as people’s sense of identity is tied into the system they uphold. It took time for my extended family to listen to the issue, but this was after multiple exposures to the information, mostly gleaned from magazines and newspapers- the reference points that reflect their reality. It took even more time for others to switch over to filtered water so great is the pull of the collective tribal mindset.

What I learned from my years as an active campaigner is that change does not happen overnight and that it can only arise from a certain level of awareness and consciousness. Coming up strongly against the system, I was met with a backlash of resistance as the medical system and the legal system closed ranks to ensure the protection of the water fluoridation policy.

There were and still are some wonderful brave hearts who stood with me, outside Leinster House, outside Chemifloc (the company that supplies fluoridation chemicals to Ireland's drinking water), outside the Department of Health and at other awareness raising events in the country.

We believed that we were going to make a difference. We believed that we were the ones who were going to make the government see the error of their ways. Yet the purest of intent fell on deaf ears because the majority preferred to stay within the safety of the tribe and to abdicate their responsibility to it.  It didn’t matter that we had the science and truth on our side.

After much reflection I began to realise that what we need is an alternative tribe of people who want to learn to master their energy and health on all levels. It is necessary to extricate ourselves from the tribe to follow our own evolutionary journey. The more mastery we can achieve in our own energy and the more we raise our own consciousness the more we begin to radiate that energy outwards, affecting those we live with, work with and people in our community.

The internal shifts we make eventually creates external change. Releasing one’s belief of obligation to the tribe opens up the energy pathways (chakras) to enter the unknown where all new possibilities come. We disconnect from the tribe so that in time we can reconnect at a higher level of interconnectedness, rather than codependency where we need to be uniform to fit in. 

If we want to create a new reality, then we need to evacuate from the unevolved tribal mentality that is clinging to the old system. Familiarity may make us feel safe, but it can also stifle growth as sameness leads to stagnation. We cannot change the current system. We can only transcend it. The only people who can do this is you and I who are called to do this work from a place of joy, mutual support and a deep inner knowing that we are here to lift the planet to a higher reality. It is not easy to step away from the mainstream without support which is why I have decided to create a membership for a community of like-minded individuals who are on the path of self discovery.

What to expect from my Energy is Your Currency Membership: 

I intend that the membership will be a sanctuary for you to receive guidance on your evolutionary journey.

It will be a space for you to learn the tools of energy mastery within a community of people working towards similiar goals. When you see the practices and techniques role modelled, you can easily integrate the changes into your life with confidence and ease. 

Each month I will have a themed monthly master class with a follow up How- to Video to implement the theme of the month into your life. First month is centred on clarity of intentions to create the space and clarity you need to integrate change into your life. Plus some surprises that will help to create a beautiful foundation in 2018. 

There will be a monthly Live Q&A where you will get a chance to ask questions related to the monthly theme. 

There will be an option for you to become accountability buddies to one another in the group to keep you focused on your path. 

It will be a place to share and to learn from one another as other people’s stories and experiences can ignite the parts of us that are dormant and waiting to be awakened. 

There will be a Private Facebook Community where you can share and connect each week. 

The cost is 15.99 euros a month. Doors open on the 31st January and close on 7th February.

Members are entitled to discounts on courses being offered throughout the year.   

If you would like to get on the waitlist for when the doors open on the 31st January sign up at this link: Energy is Your Currency Monthly Membership

Nuggets of Wisdom from The Pendulum Summit 2018

Aisling FitzGibbon

Success is determined by your happiness .png

I attended the Pendulum summit in Dublin last week. It was my first time at this impressive event with Inspirational Speakers from different walks of life- Sport’s people, Business owners, Motivational Speakers and Global Authorities on leadership. It was a lot to take in as everyone’s perspectives and journeys are different, but I managed to take away some valuable nuggets that I want to share with you.

Randi Zuckerberg’s talk centred on the value of turning away from the outside world to connect with what you want to create. She cautioned discernment on the use of technology.

Joe Malone, business entrepreneur spoke of how belief in herself and her product enabled her to push forward with her ideas even when resources were scarce.  

Paul O’ Connell shared how mastering the moment helped him to value the process, rather than the outcome. This shift in perspective reduced his pressure and panic, allowing him to enjoy playing Rugby and improve his performance.

Martyn Newman, the global authority on leadership and emotional intelligence focused on the importance of emotional wellbeing on one’s capacity for success.

Marci Shimoff, the Happiness expert, co- author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series and author of Love for No Reason and Happy For No Reason was a complete tonic. She spoke of the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive people calling it the home for happiness that provides conditions for blossoming.

I was delighted to see that emotional intelligence has entered and is being acknowledged in the business world. Those who are happier are more likely to be engaged in what they do and to be committed enough to their vision to see it through. What I had witnessed with all the speakers was their outcome of their success and a glimpse into their own particular journeys.

I know that it is challenging to navigate your journey on your own. Success is highly dependent on those you surround yourself with. It can be discouraging when people don’t support your dreams because they tend to quench your fire and enthusiasm. 

Having the right people around you to help cheer you on even when you feel like giving up makes all the difference. This has led to my decision to launch my Energy is Your Currency Membership. This is a space for you to gain clarity on your intentions, nurture your dreams into reality and connect with like-minded visionaries. The inner strength to stay on your path emerges when supportive conditions are provided. In the membership you will be provided with the tools and techniques to master your evolutionary journey and to blaze a trail on the path into the unknown.

To sign up for my waitlist for my Energy is Your Currency Membership please sign up at this link.:

Doors are opening on 31st January and close 7th February.




How to Create Lasting Change in 2018

Aisling FitzGibbon

Steps to lasting change for 2018.png

I know that for many people, resolutions made in January are discarded by February as we slide into old habits and familiar comfort zones. When motivation wanes, we blame our lack of willpower, time constrictions or whatever distractions get in the way. There is always next year of course until it comes around again.

Last year I made lots of plans - goals I wanted to achieve in both my personal and professional life but they were too outcome driven and vague. I didn't honour the process, always in a hurry to get to the next task. This made me feel stressed with little time for reflection and consolidation.  

This year I decided to break this cycle by taking the following steps  

1) I decided to create clear intentions and to take actions that align with those intentions. This shift alone has helped me focus more on what I’m doing and has kept me within a framework of my higher vision. Clear intentions help us stay on task rather than racing ahead haphazardly. I'm already valuing the process and feel more present in what I’m doing. Having clearer intentions means, that instead of me biting off more than I can chew and saying for instance that I'm going to learn ten recipes a week, I'm mastering two. This intention is clearer and more doable so I am more likely to continue with this action 

2) Rather than looking ahead and seeing 2018 in its full entirety, during which I want changes to happen, I am looking at the year ahead in weekly and even daily chunks. Straight away this feels a lot less overwhelming. Day to day actions support our intentions. Small changes are easily incorporated into our daily life. For example, I decided to restrict my Facebook scrolling time. Yes, I’m guilty.  It was a habit that was far too distracting and already I find I'm more productive 

3) Instead of using my energy haphazardly, which can make me feel fed up and exhausted, I took an inventory of where I was spending my energy. I divided a page into what energises and enhances me and what depletes and drains me. I found this really helpful as it made me more aware of where I was spending my energy and how I feel afterwards   

4) I know I need to keep myself accountable to my new habits as I can go off on a tangent with new ideas and plans. This of course dissipates energy. I now have a diary planner that helps me stay accountable to my daily intentions and helps me reflect on how I’m doing and what I’m learning in the process. I also decided to have a weekly podcast with my fiancé Richie Ros to help us both chart our progress. We are accountability buddies for the year

I am very much aware that as we shed our old story to create the bigger vision of our life, we need support. I know, from experience, how isolating and confusing this journey can be, which is why I’m creating a monthly membership programme. In the membership site you'll find the tools to help you gain clarity and tips on how to manifest your intentions. This will be a place to be accountable, even when you’re unsure and want to give up. It will become a hub of education and support where you'll learn how to track your progress, reduce distractions and work towards intentions that can be incorporated into your daily life. Click here if you want to find out about the Energy is Your Currency Membership site. Doors are opening on the 31st January and closing on the 7th February.









How a Letter to The Future Me Holds The Space For My Intentions

Aisling FitzGibbon

A Letter to the Future Me

In the final hours of 2017, Richie, my fiancé, and I reviewed the past year, reflecting on our mutual celebrations, challenges and lessons we’d learned. We were at home, wearing our Christmas slippers and in a reflective mood. The exercise really helped as it focused attention on our achievements, obstacles and progress made during 2017. We did this exercise separately and then shared the results with one another. This exercise was a letter to our future selves that we plan to open on 31st December 2018. The letter also contained intentions for the year (also written into my 2018 diary) and actions I need to take to make them a reality.  

To keep ourselves on track and to share our journey with people, we decided to do a podcast together called The Aisling and Richie Show. This podcast will document our experiences in 2018 as we endeavour to make Trust our default setting on our journey into the unknown. I will also be accountable to my future self on the 31st December. 

Last year one of my greatest challenges was to move from fear to trust- to have faith in the way life was unfolding, rather than contracting in fear when things were not going according to plan. For example, I was happy working with clients in one to one programmes but the opportunity arose for me to run a group programme. I knew this was my next step but the limited me wanted to wait for a few more months until I knew more, was more skilled, was more comfortable with the idea of running a group. You know what? I realised that before I go into any major expansive growth period in my life, I would contract and dream up a hundred reasons why I shouldn’t go ahead. Fear talking. Once I took that first step towards advertising my group programme, the fear began to dissolve. I taught a course Moving from Fear to Trust as this was the lesson I had to learn for myself.  

Another challenge for me is to not attach to outcomes. This is an ongoing lesson for me as I can tend to jump into the, as yet, unlived future and obsess with the end result. A sure recipe for stress, frustration, and blocking progress. I had to learn to take one step, one decision at a time and to trust that I was on the right path. I had to learn the true meaning of valuing the process instead of focusing on the outcome. This shift in consciousness has led me to be more open to what the Universe intends for me. This feels so much better than when I was in a place of continual striving.

A huge achievement for me was to acknowledge how I’d evolved since my former years as an active outer campaigner. I learned that during the early stages of awakening it is common for many people to protest against injustice. In my case it was to protest against the water fluoridation issue. However as with any stage in our life, we also evolve our own awareness and understanding. I could not remain in warrior mode and moved towards a more sustainable inner activism- where we create the changes within that we want to see in the outside world.  We focus on what we want to create rather than giving our attention and energy to what we don’t. This is an indirect way of creating change in our outer reality.   

One of my greatest celebrations of 2017 was in experiencing first- hand the power of community while on a journey of growth and development. It was an honour to hold the space for some amazing people in my group programme. Opportunities were provided for them to learn from one another, to feel comfortable enough to shed their old story, to develop their new story and to be heard for who they really are. This experience prompted me to move again beyond my comfort zone, to developing a monthly membership programme – to provide people with a community that supports their transformation in a gradual, gentle and guided approach as they work on their self- mastery. I am launching Energy is Your Currency monthly membership on the 31st January.  

Before I closed the door on last year, I acknowledged what made me happy, what challenged me, what I had learned and how I overcame obstacles. This exercise was instrumental in me feeling more buoyant, grateful and positive beginning the New Year. If you want to do something similar, you could, if you feel inspired, answer the following questions and let me know in the comments below if it helps.  

1) What were your celebrations and challenges in 2017?

2) What was the number one lesson you learned in 2017?

3) What are your intentions in 2018 and what actions will you take to bring them into form?   

I wish you all the best for 2018. Health. Happiness. Adventures. Opportunities. Lessons. Love. Peace and Trust.

P.S And a surprise

Please share your biggest takeaway in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you. 

Aisling xo

Homemade Chocolates

Aisling FitzGibbon

Homemade Chocolate.jpg


2 cups Cacao Powder

2 cups Coconut Sugar

200 grams Cacao Butter

1 big handful of flaked Almonds

1 big handful of goji berries 

1 1/2 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract or 1 Teaspoon of Peppermint extract 

Pinch of sea salt


Add 2 cups of cacao powder to a large mixing bowl.

Add 2 cups of coconut sugar to high speed blender and blend of high until finely milled.

Mix in the finely milled coconut sugar to the cacao powder.

Bring a pint of water to the boil in a sauce pan and place a ceramic bowl that fits over the saucepan to melt the cacao butter. Once your cacao butter is fully melted add to the cacao powder and coconut sugar and mix until fully incorporated. 

Add 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of Vanilla Extract or 1 teaspoon of peppermint extract and a pinch of sea salt. 

Using an Electric whisk blend the chocolate mixture to ensure it is fully blended. 

Add your goji berries and almonds and stir.

Place the mixture into your chocolate molds using a tablespoon. Here are some examples of molds that will work for this recipe; Love heart Chocolate Molds  Plain Chocolate molds. Fancy Chocolate molds

Once ready place in the fridge to set. Leave overnight and then take out the next day to pop chocolates into a airtight container like a Pyrex dish with a lid. Keeps up to one week in the fridge. 

As these homemade chocolates are nutrient dense they are incredibly filling so it is hard to overeat them. What I like to do is just leave out 1-2 chocolates per person and keep the rest in the fridge. Really take your time to enjoy them as you have created your own homemade chocolate and you will never look at chocolate in the same way again. Let the love affair begin. 


Aisling xo 

Honour the Season and It Will Honour You

Aisling FitzGibbon

Honour the season.png


We are tumbling towards the shortest day of the year culminating in the Winter Solstice on the 21st December on Thursday. As the days shorten there is a sense of drawing inwards as the light diminishes. I have the urge to clear away any energy that’s heavy and restrictive. Emotional baggage that hasn’t been dealt with comes up now to be resolved. If we miss that opportunity and suppress how we feel, we go into the New Year encumbered with the debris of the old and prone to the January blues.

The energy of the Solstice provides a wonderful opportunity to cleanse and purify on all levels. The Celtic druids were very much aware of this and underwent ritualistic cleansing in sweat lodges. The Winter Solstice was a time of renewed hope and change and they used this opportunity to rid themselves of what they no longer needed for the coming year.  

I don’t know about you but I feel a deep urge to clear my personal space of anything that no longer serves me but it might serve someone else. The car is loaded with stuff for the charity store and the recycling centre and it gives me such a sense of lightness of being. Along with clearing on the outside I am also lightening my diet for cleansing on the inside and adding in my much loved detox methods; Epsom Salts baths, bentonite clay face mask and infrared saunas.

The Solstice is the time to take stock of what we have and what we want to get rid of. We are creating space for the new to emerge in our lives.

How you can benefit from the Winter Solstice

· Create space for the new to emerge in your life. Declutter your personal space. It feels so good to feel lighter.

· Celebrate your victories and achievements of the year. Celebration is a Goddess principal that imbues your life with magic and meaning.

· Acknowledge the things that didn’t work so you can refine your approach. Appreciate the insights gained. Write a letter to the future self you wish to embody for the coming year based on wisdom gained this year. 

· Replenish your energy. Rest, eat nourishing foods and drink plenty of hydrating fluids that make you feel taken care of.

· Nostalgia pulls us into the energy of the past. Let it go. Remember that feelings of melancholia arise when we anchor our happiness onto expectations of past experience. Focus on the present moment. 

· Foster what is real and natural. Light beeswax candles and connect with the light. 

· Spend time with people you love and who love you. Open your heart to the love that is always available. 

Stories passed down over the centuries give us a snap shot of Celtic rituals performed. The druids would bring a live tree indoors at the Solstice for wood spirits to have a warm place during the cold winter months. Afterwards the tree would be replanted.  I was not aware that this was a Celtic tradition but for the past few years we have brought a growing tree into the house to be replanted in the spring. It smells divine and so real. I feel anchored into my soul when I connect with what is real. 

Enjoy your festive season. Be safe. Be well. Be happy and most importantly Be yourself.

Love, Aisling xo 

Organic Baby Clothes

Aisling FitzGibbon

If a baby could talk they’d ask for organic cotton. Organic cotton doesn’t use pesticides or insecticides and uses environmentally friendly methods of production that avoid bleaches and metallic dyes.  These can cause skin rashes and allergic reactions in babies. In other words, it is far safer for babies to be exposed to organic cotton as their skin comes in close contact to what they’re wearing.

It was when Nadia gave birth to her daughter that she realised the gap in the market for fresh and original clothing. Using her skills as an artist qualified in Print and Textiles from (NCAD) National College of Art and Design and working on her father in law’s printer she began to produce baby clothing. It was from her desire to create clothing from the softest of cotton that led Nadia to source premium organic cotton for her business. This was how she learned first- hand of the importance of ethically made fair trade clothing made from certified organic cotton. She became aware of the health effects on farmers who don’t grow organic cotton. Exposure to toxic chemicals can cause lymphoma.

Nadia’s outfits are handprinted in Ireland and have fun and quirky designs.  This super soft range of clothing for babies are made with eco friendly inks. Check out Nadia's latest collection- Bamboo Forest. The clothes can be washed over and over and eventually become family heirlooms passed onto other new members. Nadia’s products are sold in stores throughout Ireland, in countries abroad, and online where there is 15% off your first order. When we buy organic clothing, we are fostering organic farming. Consumers can invest in the health of the current generation and generations to come.

Connect with Nadia 

Like on Facebook

Holiday Gift Guide

Aisling FitzGibbon

Holiday Gift Guide by Aisling 2017.png

I love the Christmas season as it lights up the darkest and possibly the coldest time of the year. During this season of goodwill and cheer people tune into the high Solstice energy that prompts an opening of hearts and camaraderie. This time however does not come without its stressors, wondering what to get for whom and whether or not they will like it. So this year I am compiling a list that may help you to give the gift that makes a difference.

1) Kate Northrup’s Money, a Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes And Create The Life You Really Want This book helps to craft our relationship to money which as we know represents our personal power. It shows how to create a healthy relationship with our money so that we can create abundance and financial freedom to live the life we want.

2) Gabrielle Bernstein’s Judgement Detox. Release the Beliefs That Hold You Back from Living a Better Life. This is a guide to healing our relationship with judgement that can prevent us from fully participating in our relationships. Based on The Course of Miracles, this book is a six step approach to releasing judgement and resentment. This is essential to raising consciousness and to attracting new opportunities from a place of higher frequency.

3) Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map Planner 2018. This is a must for people who want to balance busyness with reflection and connection with how they want to feel. I am a huge fan of Danielle LaPorte who asks us how we want to feel. This leads us to greater awareness and charts our response to our actions. Each page has a thought provoking soul question and has room for your schedule. When a new month begins you are asked to reconnect to your core desired feelings, your goals and intentions. I ordered one last year – it reminded me to do things in the way I wanted to feel. Truly revolutionary. 

4) Jonathan Acuff’s Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done. This book outlines the reasons why 92% of New Year’s resolutions fail and what you can do about it. Learn about how fun and taking the pressure can be more helpful to you achieving your goals. This is a must read for those who find it easy to start things but who fail to finish. This book will make you feel alive with new possibilities.

5)  Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain Celebrations is a cookbook that should be in every kitchen. It is ideal for people who choose to avoid grains and who want delicious paleo recipes that don’t compromise on flavour and  taste. 

6)  I love Dr Bronner's products. They are so gentle on the skin. They're made from organic ingredients with perfectly blended essential oils. Choose from either the soaps or the liquid soaps

7)  Skin can feel dry and taut from indoor heating. Dr Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream Light is ideal for dry or sensitive skin. It is super hydrating and you only need to use a little to cover your skin 

8)  I recommend Dr Hauschka’s foundation as it only uses organic natural ingredients and does not use animal testing. It blends really well and doesn’t cake. I find that it lasts all day and gives incredible coverage. 

9) Treat yourself to a homemade face mask made from Bentonite clay over the holidays. This is amazing to make your skin feel so fresh and soft. It is really helpful for people with acne and blackheads as it helps to draw out the toxins from the skin. This is wonderful value for money as the container lasts for a long time.

10) Christmas is not Christmas without the customary pjs and slippers. I have had a pair of Devalverde slippers that have lasted for years so this year I have ordered another pair. They truly are gloves for the feet and yes my Grandmother owns a pair and swears by them so I'm keeping a family tradition alive.   

11) If you have not already invested in a rebounder then think about getting one this year as it really makes a difference to fitness and tone. I recommend the Fit Bounce Pro as it’s durable, of high quality and doesn’t make any squeaky springy noises. Rebounding benefits have been recognised by NASA. It is so easy to exercise using the Fit Bounce Pro during the cold winter months when you feel more like cocooning than exercising.  


Homespun Foods with Erica

Aisling FitzGibbon

Granola for the Soul

Erica Sheehan’s family background imbued her with a passion for real food and healthy values that would eventually influence her career path. Time spent in the healthy lifestyle of California made Erica realise she wanted to open a business in the health food industry. She started experimenting at home with popped quinoa in her granola, instead of the standard oat mix. The positive feedback from farmers markets showed her she was on the right track making granola with a nutritious twist.

I discovered Erica’s Home Spun granola products in my local SuperValu. I was very impressed with the ingredients and her use of coconut oil instead of cheaper oils such as rapeseed. How can something so healthy taste so utterly gorgeous? The secret, it seems is flavour. According to Erica, flavour is key to sustaining healthy eating habits. The alchemy of goodness, taste and pleasure of the crunch have made her products irresistible.

Erica’s products are stocked in health stores and Artisan shops throughout Ireland. They are also sold in Harrods Knightsbridge in London and in Spinneys stores in Dubai. Erica’s products are handmade in West Cork and are an example of what can be achieved when the health promoting qualities of food are a business’s priority. Erica’s business won the Gold Award both in 2016 and 2017 in the Free from Food Awards competition.

Erica works on keeping herself healthy and happy while being a full -time mum and working in her business Homespun. Her background in PR, marketing and journalism have given Erica the skills that she needed to grow her business organically from her kitchen table. She is delighted with the support she has been given by Irish consumers who like to support Irish businesses.  One of her secrets to success is to be her own cheerleader both in those early days of business and when mistakes are made. Her mantra "Back yourself" is so important when you embark on your enterpreneurial journey. 

Erica has two types of Quinoa Crunch, one with goji berries, cashews and coconut and the other with pecan and cranberries. I am a fan of both as they are delicious either on their own for breakfast or as a healthy topping for porridge. These products are high in fibre, vitamin E, potassium and folic acid. They are sweetened with honey and contain half the amount of sugar of other granolas. I have experimented with the goji berry, cashews and coconut quinoa crunch added to homemade chocolate, it's delicious.

I wish Erica all the best in her business and am delighted to be able to connect with a wonderful lady who lives her health philosophy and translates it into her business. 

Connect with Erica: Homespun

Like Erica on Facebook: Homespun Foods

Clearly Filtered Water

Aisling FitzGibbon

In this week's episode of Aisling's Holistic Health Show I had the pleasure of speaking with Asaiah Passwater of Clearly

Asaiah reached out to me at The Girl Against Fluoride to connect and let me know he was attending the Fluoride Action Network Conference in Washington D.C this September. Soon after I recorded this interview with Asaiah and he shares his impression of the campaign for fluoride free water in Ireland. Asaiah established his company Clearly 7 years ago to provide clean safe water solutions for households young and old. Asaiah pointed out that there are many contaminants in our drinking water aside from fluoride that need to be filtered out. 

Asaiah has kindly donated 4 Clearly Filtered Jug filters for my Holiday giveaway. I will be filming a live weekly draw on Facebook Live in my Group Energy is Your Currency Community starting this Thursday 30th November at 8 pm, ending on Thursday 21st December at 8 pm. 

To be in a chance to win please Sign Up to enter the draw. 

Is the Pull of The Past Holding You Back?

Aisling FitzGibbon

Fear passed down through the generations.png


We don’t just inherit our ancestral genes. We inherit ingrained attitudes, beliefs, memories and the unresolved emotional baggage that previous generations may have left behind. This is how the past seeps into the present and can prevent us from manifesting the reality that we want. 

According to new insights in behavioural epigenetics traumatic experiences in our past and in our recent ancestral past leave molecular scars adhering to our DNA. The experiences of those who have gone before us become part of us. The DNA remains the same but psychological and behavioural tendencies are inherited. Some psychologists like Carl Jung believed that we were born with the memories and experiences of our ancestors imprinted on our DNA. If trauma was severe it could impact on the genetic material, disturbing our energetic pathways.

How we inherit memories and feelings was demonstrated by scientists at Emory University. They showed how fear can travel quickly through generations of mice DNA. It was found that the experiences of a parent influence both the structure and function in the nervous system of future generations, showing the intergenerational transmission of risk for phobias, anxiety and post-traumatic disorder. Mice were trained to fear a specific odour through the application of electric shocks when exposed to the smell of cherry blossoms. When those mice bred, both their children and grandchildren demonstrated a fear of cherry blossoms the first time they smelt them.

Although I initially worked on improving my physical health, I knew that I had to clear my emotional body to feel fully clear of unprocessed emotions. My grandmother on my father’s side had a disappointing life. She, who had wanted to become a nurse or a Home Economic teacher was prevented from doing so as her parents wanted her to get married and married women were not allowed to work.  She subsequently married my grandfather, a Catholic without the approval of her Protestant parents. It was an unhappy marriage that caused her to be very frustrated and joyless. Although she loved her children, they were not immune to the emotional fallout that blighted their later adult lives with addiction, broken marriages and unhappiness. This cycle I decided would have to end with me.

I was determined to rid my ancestral issues from my tissues and when I made this declaration to the universe, my life took me on a journey that included EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Integrated Energy Therapy. However, it wasn’t until I was introduced to the oils of Fragrance Alchemy that I finally discovered how to remove my own emotional blockages and also those I had inherited.

Specific fragrance alchemy oils are used on points on the meridian pathways to clear the blocking emotions. The oils work by dissolve the matrices of belief systems and the emotional baggage from the past. Neroli oil is used to remove grief and intolerance from the lung meridian and replaces it with deep comfort and optimism. Sandalwood helps to release the hold of the past and instils hope.

I had to clear insecurity that had been passed onto me from my grandmother who had never felt financially secure with her husband. I had to clear frustration, disappointment and grief that was blocking my energy pathways. This required working with and engaging with the Fragrance Alchemy Oil protocols. As I shed the distorted emotions, the matrices that were preventing me from moving forward in my life began to dissolve. I was finally able to create the building blocks of my new reality free from the baggage of the past.

We cannot create the building blocks of a new reality with the blocks of the past. If we do we are energetically creating more of the same and no matter what we intend we invariably slide back into past habits and ways of doing things.

I am currently enrolling for my Trust is My Default Setting Programme until Monday 13th November. I have only 3 spaces left. If you are interested, please fill in the clarity call application.


Beyond the Seen at Halloween

Aisling FitzGibbon

Your ancenstry is healed through you.png

Today marks the end of the Celtic year, the eve of tomorrow’s Celtic New Year. It is the juncture between two halves of the year with the notion of casting out the old to move into the new. Samhain (Halloween) is when the veil between the seen and the unseen becomes thinner.  It’s a time to reflect on those who’ve gone before us and to recognise the role they may have played and continue to play in our lives.

We were not born with a blank slate as we have been born into families whose lives extend back through generations. We inherit from them not just our DNA but also cellular memories from beyond this life. Our ancestral energy resides in our cells -an energy that has been programmed from the beliefs and attitudes that created the reality of those who walked the land before us.

The issues of the past that we refuse to deal with, will always tend to reappear as fate. Carl Jung

As families, we can inherit beliefs that have been handed down through the generations.  For example, parents who didn’t follow their dreams and were disturbed from doing so, may pass this damage into their children by telling them not to follow their dreams and to be practical. When this happens, even if a child has a particular calling or gift, their belief prevents them from following their life’s mission. Even though they may get a “good” job they fail to follow what inspires them and may end up feeling frustrated and cheated. Another belief could be, that in order to succeed in life you need to work very hard. This can cause a child to feel their sense of value only comes from work and may affect their health and family life.

In some families,  humour is outlawed, in others feelings are ignored or anger is controlled and secrecy is encouraged.  All of our families carry scripts that run through our lineage. Sometimes these scripts are either consciously or unconsciously running through our energy body. For instance, we may have had a self- sacrificing grandmother whose lack of self -love was passed down to her daughter and then onto her own child. Unless those beliefs are unearthed and released, we stay bound by invisible cords to our ancestral patterning. This in turn affects our level of consciousness, our health and our destiny.

The imprints of ancestral pain, hurt and tragedies can prevent the healthy flow of energy in our body. They stay stuck at a cellular level in our energy pathways and unless dealt with, may find a physical manifestation through an illness. Unresolved traumas that have never been faced can pass down the family line. When a conflict is not resolved in one generation, it can pass onto future generations. So although we can work to increase our energy and to deal with our own emotional baggage we may have generational patterning imbedded into our cells. Trauma and unhappiness don’t just die with those who pass over.

Some symptoms of ancestral bondage include a sense of back luck in the family, an inability to move forward, compulsive behaviours, irrational fears, addictions, inability to forgive and rage. These imprints carry the frequency in which they were created in the first place and can even attract back to you the same people and places in an effort for them to come into consciousness. What may have been repressed in one generation is expressed in another as unresolved traumas that have not been faced tend to recur again and again. If alcoholism, suicide abuse and unresolved grief have been swept under the carpet, the next generation are left to pick up the pieces.

On my healing journey, I started on my physical healing which took place over several months.  When I was physically well I began to look at ways of healing my emotional body. I recall telling one of my aunts that I was determined to heal my ancestral DNA. Fortunately ,the right teachers appeared at just the right time and I was introduced to the oils of Fragrance Alchemy.

These Fragrance Alchemy oils help to clear the blockages on the meridian pathways such as fear, guilt, shame, disappointment etc. By using the oils with the various meridians I was able to unblock the cellular memories that were preventing me from moving forward with my life. Genetically I take after my dad’s family whose past was fraught with conflict, fear and money worries. As I worked on healing my ancestral line I noticed that I was able to release not just my pain but the pain of generations past. I found that as I healed the past, it was easier for me to feel compassion for those who walked before me and to extend that same compassion to myself. I discovered that ancestral imprints are not fixed and impermeable as we can release them.

There is a wonderful line in a Course of Miracles that says "When I am healed, I am not healed alone.” When we change ourselves, we affect both the past and the future. We even affect our existing relationships with family members with whom we may have had a fractious dynamic. In my free ebook Moving from Fear to Trust I explain what happened when I began to clear my meridian pathways and the synchronistic events that followed.  If you are interested in a free copy please sign up below.

Homemade Healthy Chocolate Energy Bars

Aisling FitzGibbon

Recipe in 2 steps

First step your base


1 cup of desiccated coconut

3 Tablespoon Extra virgin coconut oil

1/4 cup of maple syrup

1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract 

3/4 cup of Macaccino Dark Powder

2 handful of goji berries 


Melt your coconut oil, maple syrup and vanilla extract in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water, stirring gently.

Add your heated coconut oil, maple syrup and vanilla extract  to your bowl of desiccated coconut, macaccino dark powder and goji berries and stir until fully incorporated. 

Add your mix to your Pyrex dish and firmly press into an even shape. Pop in the freezer covered with lid or a layer of baking paper while you make your homemade chocolate. 

2nd Step


1 cup of cacoa butter 

1 cup of cocoa powder

1 cup of coconut sugar (milled finely)

2 tablespoons of vanilla extract

pinch of sea salt 


Melt your cacoa butter in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water and stir until fully melted. 

While your cacoa butter is melting, add your 1 cup of coconut sugar to a high speed blender and blend until finely milled. Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix until fully incorporated. To ensure it is fully blended I like to mix through with a hand held whisk to ensure it is smooth. 

Remove your base from the freezer and pour over with your chocolate mixture ensuring an even distribution. Don't worry if the chocolate spills over as you can make this extra chocolate into small shapes. 

I hope you enjoy!


Interview with Niamh Burke

Aisling FitzGibbon

Niamh Burke is a Nutritionist practicing in Galway. I met Niamh at the Bill Walsh training course in Dublin last November. Niamh studied art before she trained as a Nutritionist. You can tell from her beautiful style and presentation of her food photography. Niamh loves teaching, cooking and sharing her love of real food and healing the body naturally. I enjoy watching Niamh share her great content with the world.

Niamh focuses primarily on Hormonal issues.  Within the hormonal picture, a common issue Niamh treats is constipation which is often overlooked in terms of importance for our overall health. Constipation can have many root causes depending on the individual. Some of the factors causing constipation include the following: 

Stress. Stress is carried in our bowel which can impact on its function. Think blogged pipes due to blocked emotion.

Lack of fluids. The colon is the organ that registers dehydration. 

An accident to the body that requires treatment to realign the body. An osteopath is a good place to start if this may be the cause of your constipation. 

Low thyroid function can create constipation. Low thyroid function is extremely common with woman due to lack of iodine in the diet and high stressed lifestyles that deplete adrenal function. Healthy adrenals are the foundation of a healthy thyroid. 

Food intolerances can be a factor. Exploring an elimination diet is a great place to start to investigate what foods you may be intolerant to. Elimination diet is helpful to cut out foods for 2 weeks then reintroduce one at time for 3 days to assess reactions in your food diary. 

Fibre feed the good gut bacteria. Lack of good gut bacteria can lead to constipation.

Support the liver to eliminate toxins. A sluggish liver can impact your bowel function leading to constipation. 

Magnesium relaxes, calcium contracts – may need magnesium if you have constipation.

Nutrition helps to find the root cause as the cause is different depending on a unique individual.

Niamh’s top 3 tips for health:

1) Eat your vegetables. Eat a rainbow of colours. Cruciferous vegetables help to detox your liver, for example; Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collard Greens, Kale.

2) Good quality grass-fed meat from free range animals

3) If you’re not happy with your health, get support. Reach out to who you feel can support your wellness journey. 

Connect with Niamh at

Connect with Niamh on Facebook at The Happy Hormone Clinic

Is Stress Zapping your Fertility Hormones

Aisling FitzGibbon

Is stress zapping your fertility hormones?.png


Women are biologically and emotionally different to men. However, as women, we’ve been made to perform in a society that has elevated the masculine at the expense of the feminine. While I acknowledge the incredible work achieved by past generations of women to earn us equal rights, financial empowerment and the freedom to work in areas previously dominated by men, it has come at a price. That price is our health when women are called to work in testosterone fuelled environments whose pace doesn’t suit our natural rhythms.

Stress sends the body the message it’s in danger and in response, cortisol and adrenaline are produced. Now this would be very beneficial if you were being chased by someone in a dark alley because it would give you the fuel to run quicker to get out of danger. When the danger is over the stress hormones would decrease and you'd be able to relax. What's happening with women is their stress hormones are continuing to stay high and this affects their ability to conceive.

Women’s bodies are particularly susceptible to the effects of stress on their sex hormones. Cortisol suppresses ovary function and reduces oestrogen and progesterone secretion. Reproduction is not on the body’s to do list when it's running on stress hormones. The stress could be due to working in a high performance competitive environment where being constantly on high alert is needed to get the job done.  

Some women are crushed from the expectation of having it all. Women are outperforming men at universities but once in the workplace are expected to combine a high-flying career with motherhood. Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, a sleep, stress and energy expert, says that her clinic is filled with professional women who are finding it difficult to do everything. This is because the female body has specific needs and rhythms and when these are not met, health problems such as adrenal exhaustion, anxiety, infertility and weigh gain can manifest.  Women are more susceptible to stress levels. It has been proven by scientists at Ohio State University that emotional and physical pressures can double the risk of infertility in women.

How do I know if my cortisol levels are out of whack?

Cortisol levels tend to peak between 6-8 am which helps us to get up in the morning and get going for the day.  However, if you’ve been exhausted and have had trouble sleeping then your levels could be too low in the morning making you feel sluggish and groggy. If during the day you are exposed to stressful events then the adrenal cortex will pump out cortisol in response.

High Cortisol can cause

·        Rapid weight gain

·         High blood pressure

·        Impaired ability to absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals from food

·        Blood sugar imbalances

·        Poor sleep

·        Hormonal imbalance leaving to irregular periods or cessation of periods

·        Cravings for high calorific foods causing weight gain especially around the belly

·        Insomnia, if cortisol continues to remain high at night when it should naturally lower

If the stress response continues then cortisol levels lower.

Low Cortisol can cause  

·       Feelings of exhaustion not relieved by rest

·       Jittery feelings

·       Mood changes & depression

·       Low back ache

·      Chronic inflammation leading to autoimmune disorders

·      Weight loss

·      Poor bladder capacity

·      Cravings for salty foods

·      Infertility as progesterone is now used to make cortisol

How I work

As stress makes it less likely for a woman to conceive, I use my Occupational Therapy skills to teach my clients how to create work life balance to reduce stress levels. I show them how to get in touch with their natural rhythms to optimise their energy levels. The word progesterone means “for gestation” which means that women need this hormone to become  pregnant and to stay pregnant. I offer tailor made nutritional programmes with foods and supplements to support adrenal health and reproductive health.

I help create the pillars of health my clients need to regain their health and fertility. I offer saliva testing to check cortisol levels and solutions to naturally balance these levels. I use the tools of Fragrance Alchemy to help balance the hormonal system and to unblock the emotional stressors that may be contributing to their problems with conceiving.

If you are interested in working with me then please fill in my clarity call application form. I look forward to connecting with you.




Infertility. Your Call to Incredible Transformation

Aisling FitzGibbon

baby girls.jpeg


The desire to have your own baby can be all consuming so when it doesn’t happen as quickly as planned many couples opt for invasive procedures without addressing the underlying reasons for infertility in the first place. There is a tendency into wanting what we want when we want it so rather than exploring alternative options many couples rush into treatment. Bamboozled by statistics that show declining fertility with age, there is a fear that if they don’t do something right now, it might never happen and that the baby they so long for will never arrive. 

The patriarchal culture, following the current medical model seeks to regulate and control the body. This is no different when it comes to reproduction. Too often the IVF route is being prompted as the most viable option when a couple present with fertility problems. Most people who undergo IVF have no clear idea of why they need it as they embark on this expensive procedure. It can cost anywhere from 5000 to 20, 000 euros, depending on the number of attempts the woman has to undergo to get pregnant. While medical interventions offer much needed hope, studies show that they also add to the grief and stress that couples already experience from infertility. These interventions do nothing to address the underlying health reasons of infertility. Some women do not respond well to IVF and the percentage success rates depends on the mother’s age and whether or not, she is using donor eggs.

How I work

Some women get pregnant the first time they try. Others need to take an initial detour as their body invites them to transform. Fertility cannot ever be seen in isolation as it is an extension of our health. Infertility is a wake -up call to heal ourselves and come home to ourselves, before we embark on the sacred journey of parenthood.

I go on a journey of discovery with my clients to uncover the underlying physical, mental and emotional reasons that are preventing conception. I work in 4-6 month packages where we have a weekly online consultation and email support. These weekly sessions hold you accountable to your journey and support your engagement with the process.

As a Nutritionist, I use diet and supplements to optimise your energy levels. I use foods and supplements to address deficiencies/excess while concentrating on boosting your fertility. I address adrenal health, methylation pathways and thyroid function.

As an Occupational Therapist, I address the necessary lifestyle changes that help manage and protect your energy. I use relaxation techniques to reduce stress hormones that compromise pregnancy hormones. I introduce emotional release tools to dissolve negative emotions such as fear to put you into the best possible heart space.

The changes we make together are implemented easily into your life on a weekly basis. It is my privilege to facilitate this journey and to turn infertility into lessons on fertility that take you closer to your goal of becoming a parent. 

If you are interested in working with me then please fill in my clarity call application form. I look forward to connecting with you. 





The Jam Goddess

Aisling FitzGibbon

In this week's episode of Aisling's Holistic Health Show Podcast I interviewed the lovely Corina Maeting of The Jam Goddess. I've had the pleasure of getting to know Corina through working with her as a client in my Holistic Nutrition Practice and during our business coaching course. Corina has a background in the Corporate world which prepared her for the birth of her first company The Jam Goddess, producing beautiful sugar free jam using organic stevia, chia seeds and top quality seasonal fruits handmade in small batches. 

I must say I was seriously impressed by the quality of The Jam Goddess jams and was over the moon that there is no refined sugars in her jams. For extra transparency The Jam Goddess has been accredited by SUGARWISE  The Jam Goddess works really hard to make products that are truly nutritious as well as delicious. Removing sugar was a conscious decision.  All three flavours went for extensive lab testing at Sugarwise. There is a lot of products out there claiming to have no added sugar which are still not truly low-sugar.  The Jam Goddess is happy to report that the lab testing has confirmed that their products contain less than 5% of free sugar per 100g. Independently verified and now certified by Sugarwise, so everyone can enjoy what they offer without having to worry about sugar! Hurrah!

the jam goddess.jpg

Thank you Jam Goddess for doing what you do with such love and care. If you enter the discount code "Energy is Your Currency" you will receive a 10 % of your first order of The Jam Goddess Jams.

The Jam Goddess is accredited by Sugarwise for third party verification of sugar free status.

The Jam Goddess is accredited by Sugarwise for third party verification of sugar free status.

What To Do When Emotions Block Our Methylation Pathways

Aisling FitzGibbon

Stuck Emotions block our Methylation Pathway.png


Although I use nutrition with my clients I have become aware of its limitations when it comes to healing the emotional body whose memories are lodged in our energy pathways. These memories can keep us in a state of high arousal and stress, thereby depleting the physical body of the necessary vitamins and minerals that aid the process of methylation. Methylation is the process that affects our ability to efficiently detoxify leaving us susceptible to impaired immunity, lower energy, cardiovascular problems, infertility, allergies and mood disorders.

Anyone who has ever felt nervous before an exam knows how the body responds to a perceived threat. Frenzied butterflies catapulting in the stomach, hands sweaty with increased heart rate and racing self -castigating thoughts of “why didn’t I do more beforehand.”

Before three of my driving tests my emotional body took over, even drove the car for me and actually failed the test on each occasion. My sense of logic and reason took a backseat while the emotional out of control me drove the testing route. Not a good idea. For all my body knew I could have been primed for battle with adrenaline and cortisol triggering the fight flight mechanism. I found myself having to sit in a car with the driving instructor (illegal to fight with driving test examiner) hoping he would say something, anything really to lessen my stress response. His impassive features instead prompted me to flee both from him and the car.  The reality is I stayed while stress hormones coursed through my body. That 30 minutes of test time, plus the hours spent worrying beforehand would have robbed my body of its precious B vitamins, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Zinc, all of which are needed for a healthy methylation cycle. The methylation cycle is necessary for our immune system, for healthy detoxification, energy production for to control our inflammatory response.

Any prolonged emotional state that either keeps us in high arousal or in a flat depressed state affects our mineral status and our ability to methylate properly.  All of our emotional experiences, both positive and negative are held in the cells of our body as a memory. Unless these memories are processed and released they stay lodged in our cells, leaving us susceptible to poor immunity, an impaired detoxification system and lowered energy. I have seen time and time again that unless clients work to clear their emotional body, their physical effort of working with diet and supplements is not enough to shift them from surviving to thriving.

Unprocessed emotions causes mental mind chatter- that internal dialogue that uses up our mineral reserves. This keeps the body in a hyper vigilant state with a subsequent loss of magnesium, our calming and life sustaining mineral. This magnesium loss can be devastating to the physical body as its depletion leads to a downward spiral of energy loss and an inability for the cell to cleanse itself of its daily toxicity. Dr Hans Selye divided our stress response into three stages mediated by the adrenal and thyroid glands, all of which can be gone through in minutes. This disturbs the methylation process as stress hormones knock out our mineral reserves.

The word emotion stands for energy in motion when feelings move through or are expressed in a healthy way. Energy flows along specific pathways called meridians that run though our body. If emotions are blocked and not released, they are stored in our cells, our tissues and our organs. Repressed unresolved emotional trauma leads to mind chatter that drains our energy system. Fear, in some instances, can arise from a preverbal state or can come from a person’s past from events that happened years earlier, even at birth.

When we hold tightness in our body we are holding onto resistance towards a specific situation/issue. This is how emotional pain and trauma can then take on a physical manifestation, a subject that has been written extensively about by Louise L. Hay. For example, she says that asthma is triggered by feeling stifled and by suppressed crying. Yet holding back tears leaves a person prone to anxiety, low immunity, impaired memory and poor digestion.

Trauma disconnects us from ourselves, from others and from our environment. In its wake, we may feel out of control, helpless and left unable to fully engage with our life experience. People who have been in abusive relationships, who have had to fend for their survival from an early age have learned to store that trauma in their bodies. Past trauma makes us hypervigilant to our surroundings, to perceived or imaginary threats, to emotions that overflow easily and to feeling on overdrive.

No matter where we come from or how our body manifests it we will hold onto trauma unless we are given the tools to help release it from our system. We need tools that will clear distorted emotions from the energy pathways. The Tools of Fragrance Alchemy help to release trauma and stress from our cellular memories. Working with the Fragrance Alchemy oils helps us to move beyond the fear, anger, shame, guilt and disappointment, enabling us to access the more positive emotions of love, trust, praise and gratitude.

Our emotional and physical health are inextricably linked. We all recognise how daunting it can be having to deliver a public speech- it can even double allergic reactions (blocked methylation) for up to two days afterwards. The emotion of praise on the other hand can in fact lower cholesterol according to a report in The Journal Human Communication. Research has shown that when people spent three 20- minute sessions per week writing about their loved ones, their cholesterol dropped within five weeks.

Fragrance Alchemy helps to release the emotions that are blocking the energy flow along the meridian pathways. Each of the meridians corresponds to a particular organ such as the lung meridian. This meridian pathway could be compromised with grief and sadness. When grief is stuck in the lung meridian it can lead to the feeling that nothing can ever change. Fear is held onto in the kidney meridian holding you in a fight or flight mode. Using the oils of Fragrance Alchemy, discovered by Almine from Spiritual Journeys, helps to clear the meridian pathway of distorted emotions and deep -rooted trauma. I have experienced both subtle and miraculous changes that have happened since using the oils both on myself and with my clients. I combine the use of Fragrance Alchemy in my Holistic Nutrition Practice as the perfect compliment to nutritional therapy.

Unprocessed emotions blocks the meridian pathway and our ability to efficiently methylate. Stuck trauma traps us in an over reactive and protective state where any change is regarded as stressful. This depletes our mineral and vitamin status. Scientists such as Martin Seligman, expert on Positive Psychology and author of Flourish are aware of the effects that positive emotions have on our physical body and how those emotions can affect our health. Sometimes no matter how much physical work we do on ourselves, we may not make the necessary gains we expect until we work on clearing the emotional body.

If you are interested in working with me, using the tools of Fragrance Alchemy combined with nutritional therapy then please get in touch and fill in my clarity application form. As an Occupational Therapist I help provide the necessary framework for scaffolded change that is practically adopted into your daily life helping you express your greatest self.  

Recommended Reading List 

Seligman M, Flourish; 2011, A New Understanding of Happiness and Well- Being and How to Achieve Them, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, New York 

Lipton, B,  2015, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles, Hay House, UK

Hay, Louise, 1984, You Can Heal Your Life, Hay House, USA

How to handle October's Harvest Moon

Aisling FitzGibbon


The full moon after the Autumnal Equinox arrives later this year on the 5th of October. It is commonly known as the Harvest Moon as this was a time when farmers would use the light of the moon to extend their gathering of resources before the winter. The waxing moon leading up to the Full moon is a time of growth and provides an opportunity to bring into fruition any plans that were made at the New Moon. Full moon energy is felt three days coming up to the full moon and for three days afterwards.

I don’t know about you but I’ve always been in tune with the phases of the moon since I was younger. I recall that at full moon times, if anyone looked at me in a way I perceived to be strange I would leave school and go home. This is because the moon links us to our emotions and at the full moon these are heightened. I have since learned how to handle these powerful times to emphasize what I want and to tune into the energy to bring those plans to fruition.

Living with the natural rhythms of nature with its moon phases has now become integrated into what I teach my clients. For example taking supplements at the full moon heightens their effects and creates the powerful movement of detoxification. There are times however when the organs of elimination feel overwhelmed at full moon times which can cause people to become agitated and angry for no reason. It is helpful to know how to release this pressured feeling as the energy goes into the head and outwards towards the skin.

It’s a good idea to set one’s intentions at the full moon. When we work on clearing our energy pathways our power of manifestation is enhanced. If our pathways are blocked for instance with any negative programming such as a programme of lack, then, although we may intend to be abundant, it is blocked by this past cellular memory which then blocks abundance from manifesting effortlessly.

In my practice, I use the tools of Fragrance Alchemy to unblock the cellular memories that are stuck in the meridian energy pathways. When these blocks are removed we can create from an energy field that is clear from the negative distortions of the past.

Tips and Tricks to Handle October’s Harvest Moon in Aries

1) Get out for a walk in nature, if you can as this powerful energy needs to be grounded as it tends to go into the head

2) Eat plenty of root vegetables, fish/meat/chicken/ beans/ eggs as these foods are more dense and help to anchor in the energy

3) Have an Epsom salts bath to help to detox what’s released at this time

4) Express yourself as authentically as you can

5) Tune into the energy of gratitude as gratitude is the bridge from fear to love and trust

6) Make a list of what you want to let go of in your life and then burn it (safely). 

This week’s full moon is in the powerful sign of Aries, a fire sign that is impulsive, enthusiastic and passionate. Fire burns what we no longer need so use this time to release and let go. I make sure I don’t make any big decisions, nor do I travel on the actual day of the full moon. I would love to know how the moon affects you?