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What’s Belvaspata?

Belvaspata means 'healing of the heart' that heals with light and frequency in the language of the Mother Goddess. 

Belvaspata, healing method is a gift from the Infinite to accomodate the changing laws of physics that took place in August 2006. The primary purpose of previous cycles of existence was to seek perception (which is mind-oriented), the one we have entered has a different purpose. This creation challenges us to fulfill one primary purpose: to create through the heart. The body of knowledge, which is Belvaspata, is a gift from the Mother/Infinite Being that we may fulfill the new purpose of life. It’s here to help us create health, joy and happiness through the heart and align us with creation through resonance which is now the basic moving force of life. We’re most grateful to the Seer and Mystic Almine for bringing through the gift of Belvaspata. 

In this new cycle, heart energy is the most dominant factor so that opposite energies repel and same energies attract. You can use Belvaspata as a tool to:

- see the perfection of all
-focus and enhance the perfection
-assist with the awakening of consciousness and to reveal the underlying perfection
-assist in the full expression of your being should it be blocked or not expressing fully.

Belvaspata will serve you by:

>>Removing the emotional drama of the cycles of existence. Replacing confusion with clarity, focus and a desire to create from the heart.

>> Activating your unique blueprint and empowers you to share your gifts with the world.

>> Helping to embody your full expression in your daily life.

>>Creating what you radiate.

>>This is for you if you are heart centered, courageous and committed to pioneering your path.