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My journey towards where I am today began when I first left for University College Cork. Doing a B.A degree in Early Childhood Studies opened my eyes to the world of child development, health, psychology, education and social policy. During a placement in a Special Needs Primary School, I encountered the work of an Occupational Therapist who created developmental exercises that were fun and inspiring. This peaked my curiosity in the profession and after plenty of research into what exactly Occupational Therapy is I thought this was a career I would be most suited to. I had a desire to be of help to others and enhance their wellbeing. I graduated with a first class honours BsC degree in Occupational Therapy. While all my fellow graduates were busy applying for jobs I was unable to because of my health condition. 

It was during my second year in University at 19 years old I started to suffer with low energy, depression and anxiety. There was nothing in my life that was an obvious cause other than the fact that I liked to push myself to succeed. When I got really bad and didn't want to get out of bed I just wanted something to make it all better. Straight away. So I demanded to my holistic minded Mother that I be brought to the best Doctor to get me better. At that stage, I had no concept of my own ability to heal myself. I wanted the tablets to make me well in 2 weeks so I could return to College life and be myself again. I was prescribed anti-depressant medication, which though lifted my mood and energy somewhat did not restore me to my former self. I still battled with anxiety, low moods, and a deep insecurity within my being. The only thing that kept me going when I wanted to just give up was this thought "You are going through this for a reason". This thought became my mantra. 

Once I finished my Occupational Therapy degree I made a declaration: "I'm coming off medication and I am going to heal my body to full health". This intention led me to a consultation with an inspiring and empowering Nutritional Therapist who opened my mind to how the body functions holistically and the steps I needed to take to restore my full health and potential. I leaped into the unknown with full faith that I could become well and happy. And I did. During my healing journey I learnt that it wasn't just my physical body I had to heal and nurture but also my emotions, my mindset, my spirituality and connection to myself, to others and to the earth. Once I started opening up my life has literally transformed and became an adventure I never thought possible.  

I was so happy and empowered that I could heal my body naturally using the correct nutrition, pure water, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, naturopathic techniques and plenty of rest and loving care. It was the most liberating experience and one I wish to share with others. Once I began to feel really well and in my flow I realised that I had in fact gone through everything for a reason. I knew I had to train as a Nutritionist so I can bring this wisdom into other people's lives. I want to make a difference. A lasting legacy over my lifetime.

I want to educate you to take your health into your hands. To reconnect with your instincts and inner wisdom. To discover the best ways to eat, drink and think so you can heal your entire being.

Your power lies in what you do as an individual. You’re the microcosm of the macrocosm. As you evolve within your own life, these changes, ideals and values ripples outwards from you inspiring others to change. 

As I look back over the past decade I can see clearly that every single event was meant to happen just as it did. I feel like my experiences, education, triumphs and failures have all come together like a beautiful orchestra to make me into the person I am today. I am ready to show up to be a positive influence in your life.

I’m delighted to connect with you.


Aisling xo  

Photo Credit: Pawel Nowak

Photo Credit: Pawel Nowak