3 Steps to Prepare for Pregnancy

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Preparing your body and whole being for pregnancy is much like the process you need to take for preparing your organic garden.

Before you plant the seeds, you first prepare the conditions of the soil, optimising fertility with nutrients using rich compost and sea vegetables, watering for hydration and removing weeds, providing plenty of sunshine to allow the seeds planted to thrive in full health.

You are just like nature.

The conditions in your body need to be optimised for fertility and for the best environment for your baby to grow and thrive in health.

The 3 Steps for preparing for pregnancy are

Step 1 Mind

Step 2 Adrenals

Step 3 Reproductive System

As a woman your power is 3 places your mind, adrenals and reproductive system so these are the top 3 places you need to support to prepare for pregnancy as a multidimensional woman.

Step 1: Mind

Cultivate trust in your mind to create fertility in your body and send the message of safety and support that it is the time to conceive your baby. Releasing your old story so you write your new story based in trust.

Step 2: Adrenals

Strenghtening your adrenals is key as your adrenals are responsible for producing the majority of your sex hormones that you need to be fully flowing to get pregnant, gestate to term and birth your baby.

Step 3: Reproductive Health

Preparing your reproductive health is essential as the conditions in your womb provide the healthy sanctuary for your baby to grow and thrive.

Purifying your womb and liver using cleansing nutrition, healing supplements and herbs is key to create the best health for conceiving and growing your baby.

Healing the root cause of reproductive health conditions to heal and reclaim your fertility is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your baby.

Powering up your reproductive system requires energy and attention to be receptive to your spirit baby.

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