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Wisdom for Mum To Be

Aisling FitzGibbon

I was contacted by Kathleen O'Hara Farren a mum of three who wanted to pass on her wisdom to me and you about preparing for pregnancy.

Kathleen has 3 children. Her first birth was a hospital birth, her middle birth was a home birth and her last birth was a hospital birth but she has shifted into the perception that she was home in her body.

We are so used to self-care on our external self, however the internal self needs us to give so much love to. Keep going back to beautiful words and tell yourself this is a loving experience. Love carries you through no matter what way it unfolds.

Take care of your food, your physical self, your attitudes and exercises but please don’t give yourself a hard time.

You realise support is coming from everywhere. There is more than you and your baby. Miracles start to happen. Opportunities arise that give birth to greater opportunities that lead to where you need to be.

Positive framework:

I’m not in control but I’m in control of me. I’m going to do it the best I can.

Tips for Mum to be:

Talk to people who have had healthy birth experiences. Seek out woman who have had natural births in local breast feeding groups.

Create a birth plan and practice saying with strength “Have you seen my birth plan”.

Get in sync with your hips and spend time in the wild – near the river and the ocean to connect with your inner wild woman.

The moment of birth is a cosmic connection. Pregnancy is a sacred time. 

Listen to who you want to hear and seek them out.

Beauty, love, respect, strength and wildness.

Practice hip dancing, the more relaxed you are the better. During your labour create a cave like experience either with your room or in your imagination.

Recommended reading:


Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin


Ina May Guide to Childbirth    




Kathleen welcomes visits to her website of emerging education online learning and mobile cultural emergence classes are being planned. If you mention you heard about Kathleen on Aisling’s Holistic Health show, she will offer you special rates.

Interview with Thomas Sheridan

Aisling FitzGibbon

In this week’s podcast, I am talking to author/ artist Thomas Sheridan who is well known for his seminal work on the psychology of psychopaths. We often shared the same audience in our talks around Ireland during my activism days as The Girl Against Fluoride. I had always admired Thomas’s sharp intelligence, his astute wit and keen observation of the  human psyche and I was curious to know where his thinking had evolved to.

Thomas shares with us how reality is constructed and the roles we unconsciously play in keeping it in place. Seen through Thomas’s lens, I can better understand how I naturally evolved from the persona of The Girl Against Fluoride to developing and evolving my own consciousness. Thomas cuts through the illusion that change happens instantaneously, even within our lifetimes, seeing it instead as a result of our evolving journey of consciousness. “Change comes from within and not from without” says Thomas and quotes Aleister Crowley’s definition of Black magic as being any magical path where enlightenment of consciousness is not concerned with the development of the self. This explains my pitfalls during my activism days when I thought I could quickly change the water fluoridation policy in Ireland. This eventually led to extreme frustration when my attempts to affect change were futile and the existing power structures closed down any of their loop holes in defence of their position.

Thomas explains why he refused to validate RTE when he was invited onto the Late Late show. He points out the futility of trying to wake people up who are not even aware they are asleep as they are stuck in survival consciousness. Thomas draws upon his vast repertoire of mythological epics to show the real meaning of the Hero’s Journey and disputes the 100 Monkey Syndrome that promises a sudden shift in consciousness. Ultimately we can only reach those on a similar band of frequency.

Thomas promotes the power of creativity and humor as tools to raise consciousness. He talks about how nature acts as a healing and guiding force in our lives. He cautions against following any guru outside of ourselves and to allow mistakes to teach us the lessons we need on own personal journey.

If you are interested in reading Thomas’s books:

Puzzling People March 2011

Defeated Demons: Freedom from Consciousness Parasites in Psychopathic Society May 2012

The Druid Code: Magic, Megaliths and Mythology Feb 2017

Check out Thomas at his website

I would love to hear what you will take away from listening to Thomas’s interview. What insights have you gained that help you make sense of what’s going on in your own life? 

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What Happens When You Can't Get Pregnant

Aisling FitzGibbon

This week's podcast is with Alison Reed Life and Fertility Coach who came to her profession due her own journey of 5 years of issues conceiving which took 5 years until she was blessed with her twin girls who have now turned 4 years old.

As high achieving woman we pride ourselves on getting a job done and our life's plan ticked off. We look at women like Serena Williams who embody this ideal image of pregnancy. The media and movies would have us believe that once we meet our Prince Charming we can get pregnant just like that. When a pregnancy doesn't happen, what do we do? 

This conversation with Alison was very enlightening to me as I was unaware that 1 in 6 couples are now having issues with fertility. 

The impact of fertility related problems is often underestimated, misunderstood and under supported. Struggling to conceive and have a baby can literally consume day to day life beyond recognition. It can bring you to places both mentally and physically that you thought you would never be. It can require big decisions to be made with big implications, and to top it all off it can unearth a huge range of emotions. - Alison Reed

Alison's tips for helping with fertility issues:

  • Focus on what you can control - How you think, focus on supporting yourself physically and mentally
  • Emphasis the good stuff in your lifestyle to bring down your stress levels such as yoga, meditation and other self care practices that support you on this journey even in the face of adversity. 
  • Develop your mental fitness to enhance your quality of life
  • Think holistically mind and body not just your reproductive system. 
  • Lead from the front and take your fertility into your own hands.
  • Alison Domar's Mind Body Medicine based in the US. 
  • Natural Infertility Support and Information Group

You can check out Alison's at

To read about my work helping woman to get pregnant naturally in my Preconception Care Programme you can read my blog My work in Preconception Care Chose Me 



Testimonial from Corina Maeting The Jam Goddess

Aisling FitzGibbon

Having worked with Aisling FitzGibbon over the last few months, I can honestly say that she is truly amazing and a real gem in the nutrition world. I'd even say she is a world class expert in her field. Her holistic approach to nutrition is one of a kind and will make a massive difference to your life. - Corina Maeting The Jam Goddess

If you are interested in working with me please fill in my clarity call application

Inspiring Conversation with Ciara Young - The Blazing Heart Foundation

Aisling FitzGibbon

I took a visit down to the breathtaking Kenmare in Co.Kerry to see my dear friend Ciara Young to have a conversation about where she is in her journey. 

The highlights of our conversation include the following points: 

Embracing the new template involves clearing out the pain of the old story of separation consciousness.

We cannot be in the new reality until we clear out the old story.

The process of gradually opening up to the idea of the new template of reality while simultaneously releasing the pain of the old reality.

One of the tools to help you clear the old story of separation include working with the inner family which are the pieces of the psyche. The inner family deals with the four primary ones that deal with physical life which include; the inner child, inner warrior, inner nurturer, and inner sage.

Establishing a firm foundation with our inner family provides us with the structure to write our new story.

Fragrance alchemy is also another tool that assists in letting go of the old stories, programmes and pain that is stored in the meridians (energy pathways) and organs of the body.

Fragrance Alchemy literally changes the fabric of your reality. In the reality of separation it is composed of certain building blocks (imagine them like Lego blocks). The building blocks are held in place by distorted frequency. Distorted frequency are the emotions related to the dream of separation that are actually stored in the meridians of the body. Distorted emotions include fear, grief and depression.

The old building blocks are held in the meridians (energy pathways) of the body. The distorted frequencies of emotions like grief, fear and depression are the materials we are recreating our life with everyday. 

The old building blocks are held in the meridians (energy pathways) of the body. The distorted frequencies of emotions like grief, fear and depression are the materials we are recreating our life with everyday. 

Working with Fragrance Alchemy clears out the distorted frequencies and that gives us a whole new set of building blocks to work with to create our reality. (New upgraded Lego comes to mind). These new upgraded building blocks give you the materials to write your new story.

As you clear out the old emotions you create the space to receive the insights you need for your unique situation. New perceptions and insights led you to the next right action you need to take to get you to where you want to get to. 

The meridians are the cause of your reality, so by working with fragrance alchemy meridian clearing protocols you can transform your entire life, from the inside out. 

You can find Ciara Young at

If you have any questions about Fragrance Alchemy or any of the points raised in our conversation please send them below and I will do follow up podcast. 

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Fragrance Alchemy- The tool to clear issues from our tissues?

Aisling FitzGibbon

Some people find that no matter how much self- work they do on themselves, the same memories and issues keep emerging, upsetting their equilibrium. When Dave Reedijk encountered the healing powers of Fragrance Alchemy he was determined to share their benefits with both his clients and with other practitioners. By 2013 having ensured that the oils comply with EU regulations he set up his business of selling Fragrance Alchemy oils.

Origin of Fragrance Alchemy Oils

The oils are produced by a family in Egypt and have been passed down the generations. The oils have very high frequency which is why they are able to dissolve density, negative beliefs and help to release suppressed emotions. The power of these oils has recently been tested in a laboratory in Taiwan. They were found to be the highest vibrating oils known on earth. For example other leading therapeutic oils test between 5-7 MHz, while Fragrance Alchemy test beyond 16 MHz. (MHz= Hertz Frequency).

Fragrance alchemy works on our 20 meridians - Twelve ordinary meridians and eight extraordinary meridians. Memories are held in the magnetic fields of the body and these are generated by the 20 meridians. Memories can obstruct the flow of our life force leading to long term disease. Each of the oils is specific to a meridian and the corresponding organ. Traditional Chinese medicine have mapped out the times of the meridians. If these is a specific emotion such as grief then the specific oil is applied onto the meridian at a certain time. For example, one of the oils Neroli is used to treat the lung. If Neroli is applied between 3-5 am when our lung energy is most active, healing is most effective.

Before and after using Alchemy Oils

Using a thermal imagery camera you get a heat map of the body which can show up problem areas in the body. One of Dave's clients showed up a problem with her thyroid. For this Dave applied the oil Blend of the Gods to the thyroid points. He also applied the oil directly onto the thyroid gland on the neck. When Dave proceeded to retake the thermal image of her thyroid after the oil treatment, her thyroid problem had resolved. Although Dave was very much aware of the power of Fragrance Alchemy, this was evidence that they were strong enough to alleviate thyroid illness.

Benefits of using Fragrance Alchemy with Nutrition

Fragrance alchemy is ideal to use with nutrition as it supports a healthy body and a healthy mind. It helps to tackle health problems a lot faster using a combination of both of these modalities.  Clearing the emotional body helps to clear the blockages to encourage the free flow of energy through our energy system. The twelve ordinary meridian and the eight extraordinary meridian protocol can be used together to help clear the trauma of past experiences which are stored in our cellular memory. 

All of us come in with certain ancestral memories and also memories from previous lifetimes that may be impacting on our day to day life. Fragrance Alchemy helps to dissolve those memories, freeing us from repetitive patterns, rigid beliefs and limiting programming. When people feel stuck and unable to move onto the next level of growth then the use of these oils help to dissolve the density that is creating blockages at a cellular level.

My personal Experience of Fragrance Alchemy

I have been using Fragrance Alchemy since last year with my clients and have witnessed their incredible power of transformation. Emotional blockages can keep us mired in repetitive dramas that continue to control our lives no matter how much self- work we do. This is the origin of much pain and suffering.  I have seen clients who suddenly become aware of a deeply suppressed emotion. With the application of the oils it dislodges the negative emotion so that the pure emotions can come on board. I have seen how people begin to have more clarity and a deeper perspective of their lives after their Fragrance Alchemy sessions. The oils help to dissolve cellular density that had been blocking them from moving forward in their lives. This brings awareness and a deep sense of hope. The oils help to detoxify the corresponding organs of the body and help to reduce brain fog. The oils are also wonderful to use for hormonal imbalances which is a very common issue for women today.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the fragrance alchemy protocols. I plan to do a follow up podcast with Dave where we can answer your questions and go deeper into the topic of fragrance alchemy.

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All Is The Self

Aisling FitzGibbon


All is the self they say. Ok so what happens when you look outside and you don't like what you see. Well you firstly can feel absolutely powerless to the madness, the chaos, the corruption, the injustice, but this is never ending. A black hole that will swallow you up. When you become absolutely jaded, disgusted, cannot bare one second more of this horror. Well this is the moment that leap ahead to the next dimension so to speak. This part gets interesting as you start to glean the perception that all is the self. That you are in fact a being as vast as the Cosmos. That all is ONE. (what even those fecking Politicians) yes all is YOU. You are a unique facet of the DIVINE. OK so I'm a Goddess/God being of the Divine, how do I navigate this physical world. Now it gets fascinating. Now you know that all is yourself. The outer world is YOU. So you do what any sane person does, you transform within your life. And as you do your magical vibration ripples outwards and impacts the collective. This is your power and what you CAN do. You are a powerful co-creator. It is time to own it and bring forth your magic.

If you would like to be supported on your personal transformation please fill in my clarity call application. 

Why I am called to do this work as a Holistic Nutrition Coach?

Aisling FitzGibbon

For the past decade I have been initiated through the fires of kundalini awakening. This involved descending into the depths of depression and anxiety which was treated with antidepressant medication because at the time I wanted to die. I was immersed in darkness but yet I heard this faint whisper “You are going through this for a reason” so I kept going, feeling like I was wading through the mud. At the end of my degree in Occupational Therapy, I held in my hand a First class honours BsC degree certificate but I could not fathom the energy to take a single footstep in the direction I was going in. I begged for help and I was led to an outstanding Nutritionist named Barbara Wren who opened my mind wide open to how the body works and how to heal naturally. I took the plunge and went cold turkey off the antidepressants which was truly the most horrific experience, it was like being plunged into the depths of the abyss, no light, no joy, just an empty space that I felt might consume me forever. Only for the fact that I had my Mother helping me and gently guiding me as I healed my physical body. Just as I felt my body balancing a tsunami of suppressed emotions came flooding to the surface (cue 2nd major breakdown). The pain and agony of what I had gone through the past 4 years hit me like a tonne of bricks and I happened upon a gifted energy healer who helped to draw out the emotional wounds and bring me back to a state of peace. Peace didn’t last long as once I was well enough I hosted a talk in my home town of Tralee with Barbara the Nutritionist who helped me to heal. It was during her talks that she kept saying that the fluoride added to our water supply in Ireland was very harmful to our health. When I dropped Barbara back to the airport she said to me “You should really try and do something about getting rid of the fluoride from your water supply”. As she spoke those words I felt what could only be described as an energetic harpoon shooting into my heart chakra. It set me on fire. I made it my mission to do anything it took to clear our precious water of fluoride and as I proceeded on my path I became The Girl Against Fluoride. I was channelling the energy of Joan of Arc and the energy propelled me forward like a fierce warrior going into battle. Until the day where my body collapsed and my stomach and heart were is agonising pain from all of the wounding I had endured. I had pushed through beyond what my body and soul could handle. I felt the fear consuming every part of me and I could not continue a second more on that vein. It took me months of nursing my wounds until I felt I could really interact with people. I hid away because I was too afraid of that evil I had penetrated. Evil not just in the government, politicians, corporations but also in the people who were activist and who were running from their own agendas and grandiose egos. Just as I thought the storm had settled I entered into the last phase of my descension. I was studying for my exams in Nutritional Therapy and I just could barely walk or stand. My body lost all sense of gravity and all I wanted to do was lie down. I felt nauseas and dizzy as if I was on a rocking boat. With all my might I pushed through and forced my body and mind to engage in studying and completing my assignments. After I finished my exams and qualified I thought what the fuck? I’ve come this far, I tried so fucking hard and now my body is acting completely insane. All I wanted to do was sleep, sleep, sleep and tune out. Tune out of the absolute insanity of this world and find refuge in my sleep. My nervous system was overfiring at the slightest interaction with the outside world. It was sheer terror as I fought with myself everyday to just become normal like everyone else. But I simply couldn’t so I surrendered. At that point my good friend and Metaphysical Practitioner Ciara Young was hosting a Shamanic Retreat in her home in Kenmare. With the last breathe of enthusiasm, I garnered the energy to attend for the last day of her retreat. When I was there I felt so defeated, the warrior in me lane down her sword and said just stop fighting yourself. You cannot go on like this. Ciara discussed The Runes and Fragrance Alchemy and a tiny whisper told me this is your next step. When I returned from the retreat I signed up to train as a Rune Master and Fragrance Alchemist. During my training I finally realised that the reason my body wouldn’t allow me engage in life was because I had to be pushed onto this path. The path I was being lead to all along. I just couldn’t see it at the time. The path of Ascension and moving out of the matrix to create a new template of existence where the divine feminine and divine masculine merge and we discover and nurture who we truly are, to know and love ourselves at the deepest level and to come back home to ourselves.

As I have passed through it, and understood the necessity and rightness of each of its phases, I am now prepared to midwife others through it as well. My condition, all the years of it, has prepared me for this role. It has prepared me to ease the passage of those who will follow. Everything I have gone through, every bit of the despair, has been necessary to forge me into the healer and a guide that I am today.

I am one of the women who is helping to birth the Divine Feminine. It's my souls calling. As the Divine Feminine rises in the world to balance the energies of the planet, to bring the world back into a state of healing, harmony, peace and love. 
I want to come together with my sisters to heal themselves, each other, and the earth beneath us, You feel this it in your hearts and bones. You are thirsty for this to unfold. If your heart feels called rise and and answer it. Answer the call to live your divine mission. 
This movement is about freeing the feminine from beneath the concrete patriarchal tomb in which it was buried. 
This movement is about freeing the wild woman trapped inside the shell of good girl who is sick of following the rules and confines of a patriarchal society.

Surrender, soften and flow

I teach how to move into a state of flow. How to move with your body, not against it. How to move with your heart, not against it. 
I intend to re-inspire your desire to "not just scrape by."
I intend to re-ignite the fire in you to not care if someone thinks you are too deep, too emotional, too sensitive, too giving, too anything. 
I teach you to honour and love those amazing gifts you have been born with.
Through my own teaching and example, I show you a path where it's not even expected, not one single bit, to be perfect. You and I are both a work in progress. Everyday we are learning and refining. There is no hierarchy on this path as we are all one. 
I encourage you to wrap yourself in your unconditional love and trust that things will work out the way they are supposed too and in the right time and not a moment sooner. 
If this resonates with you, you are being moved right now to walk back towards yourself.
To come home to yourself, to your soul, to both your divinity and your humanity. 
Moved to connect with the life you know you are meant to live (even if it feels like it's in a far off distant place at the moment).
Moved to know, feel and understand the deep lineage of the feminine and the roots and veins that are running right into your own breath in this very moment. 
I want you to be self nourishing, with healthy boundaries. I want you to exist in healthy equal energy exchanges with your soul work.

Of course this brings up all of your fear. That is a natural part of the journey. Here is a story that beautifully illustrates how to handle fear:

“Once there was a young warrior. Her teacher told her that she had to do battle with fear. She didn’t want to do that. It seemed too aggressive; it was scary; it seemed unfriendly. But the teacher said she had to do it and gave her the instructions for the battle. The day arrived. The student warrior stood on one side, and fear stood on the other. The warrior was feeling very small, and fear was looking big and wrathful. They both had their weapons. The young warrior roused herself and went toward fear, prostrated three times, and asked, "May I have permission to go into battle with you?” Fear said, “Thank you for showing me so much respect that you ask permission.” Then the young warrior said, “How can I defeat you?” Fear replied, “My weapons are that I talk fast, and I get very close to your face. Then you get completely unnerved, and you do whatever I say. If you don’t do what I tell you, I have no power. You can listen to me, and you can have respect for me. You can even be convinced by me. But if you don’t do what I say, I have no power.” In that way, the student warrior learned how to defeat fear. “ by Louis Chalon

Most of us have been taught that faith means believing in a worldview or an ideological set of beliefs. But what if faith requires taking refuge in the unknown, resting there without knowing? What if this is where true peace lives? Trusting the unknown doesn't protect you from grief, disappointment, doubt, anger, or loneliness. But it may transform your relationship with those feelings. You may discover that these painful emotions have much to teach you about humility, resilience, expansion, and the art of being human. When you don't know, anything is possible.

When our soul-body is saying No to life, through fatigue or depression, the first thing to ask is, “Is life as I am living it the right life for me right now?” When the soul-body is saying No to participation in the world, the first thing to ask is, “Does the world as it is presented me merit my full participation?”

As we can see the old world is falling apart, and the crises that initiate the journey are converging upon us. Soon many people will follow the paths we are currently pioneering.

The time is now to awaken and reconnect to our divine feminine to our divine masculine whilst at the same time embracing our unique human self with the tender love we deserve.

I work with you on a weekly basis to midwife your soul’s highest calling. I work holistically addressing your physical, emotional, mental, spirit and soul. I offer deeply mystical and metaphysical teachings in order to gain clarity and practical guidance. I also council on how to develop practical technological skills in order for you to get your message out into the world.

My approach is kind, gentle and manageable. I encourage taking your steps with ease and grace and remembering at all times to be home for yourself before you give to others. 
It is a honour and a privilege to witness your unfolding. As we work together the energetic exchange between acts as an incubation chamber to hold you energetically as you strengthen and expand into your highest self. Holding and maintaining your expansion and connection to your highest self takes a daily practice which is why I offer my support over the period of the 12 weeks, so that you fully embody the changes and stretch and stretch out of your comfort zone until you finally reach and hold your place of power. 
I was born here in this time to rise up like the phoenix rising from the ashes and so are you. 
I would love for you to join me as a pioneer and leader of a new template of existence. If this ignites your soul then the answer is YES.

If you are interested in working with me please answer my clarity call application

An electric car helped me pass my fourth driving test

Aisling FitzGibbon

The Nissan Leaf 

The Nissan Leaf 

I did my driving test three times and failed. The first time wasn’t the worst as the only real complaint by the tester was that I was driving too close to the white line in the centre of the road. Too close,yet I had majestically performed my three- point turn and driving around the corner manoeuver. It didn't impress him as he told me in no uncertain terms that I'd failed. Most people fail the first time I was assured so any crushing disappointment was postponed. The second test however triggered an adrenaline induced nervous response causing me to make too many mistakes to mention. The vast amount of driving lessons in the lead up to the test had been in vain. This time the disappointment rolled in like tumbleweed crushing my confidence.

Although my family had moved over to an automatic electric car, I was advised by a posse of aunties to do my next test in a manual.  Irish aunties, given their status, can be very persuasive. Their rationale was that unless I did my driving test in a manual I would be forever fated to drive an automatic. Their voices clashed with that of my mum who said to do it in the electric car as most cars in the future would be electric. Her words fell on deaf ears as I frantically practiced in my aunt’s diesel car. In comparison to the lightness of the electric, the diesel car felt like a hybrid between a tractor and a tank as I manoeuvred my way between the highways and the byways of the town and outskirts. Still I persevered and so it came to the morning of driving test number three.

Surely I would get it this time. I had practiced lots, changed to a female instructor and felt reasonably calm and positive. But there is a gap between thinking positively about passing the driving test and actually passing it. The tester said I was deliberating too much, ergo not competent. What about third time lucky? Blaming myself at this juncture would have fractured my already traumatised psyche so I did the next best thing and blamed the car. I knew it had to be the car, that heavy ponderous lump of metal and the gear stick that needed furious yanking.

Not one to be deterred, I decided I was obviously fated for an automatic electric car and took to driving it everyday. For anyone who has not driven a Nissan Leaf car before, it drives so effortlessly and is super responsive. There is no annoying gear stick so all concentration is on the road. There is no having to gear down coming to corners or to a stop sign. The car smells pristine from having zero emissions. Zero emissions means no environmental guilt as it doesn't affect air quality. The car has a futuristic feel about it and is remarkably roomy for a small car. When I stop on a hill, the car has the sense to stay put and not roll backwards. Ah the joys of an intelligent electric car.

Driving test number four. The day arrived. I told nobody I was going for the test so there was no expectant audience waiting with baited breath. Soon there was just me and the driving tester who seemed to be falling in love with the car as we whizzed together through the town. I could tell he was impressed. When we stopped at the end of the test he wanted to see how a battery could power the car without the complications of an engine. Good job I had looked this up on YouTube the night before and was able to tell him what was what under the bonnet. Phew.

I passed. Sing hallelujah!!!  I am only licensed to drive an automatic but who cares? The Nissan Leaf and I are friends for life. It has so many good qualities. 60% of the plastic in the car is from recycled water bottles and by the end of its lifespan, 99% of the car can be upcycled into another Nissan Leaf. The batteries will keep their charge up to 80% after a decade and they too are recyclable. There is little or no sound from the car even at a higher speed on the motorway. What’s not to love about this car?

Furthermore, with its zero emissions, the electric car is the answer to air pollution in towns and cities. Diesel cars in comparison pump out carcinogenic substances into the air, thereby effecting our health. Home charging points are installed for free by the ESB so we can charge overnight at home using off peak electricity. It costs between 10% to 15% of the cost of petrol so the car is very economical to run. Road tax is 120 euro a year. The charging stations,available in most towns and cities in Ireland, are free so any long journey costs nothing. Currently the Irish government is providing a 5,000 euro grant for buyers to purchase electric cars in their efforts to incentivise sales. In Norway 25% of all new car sales are electric and by 2025 there is a proposed plan to ban conventional car sales. In Ireland we could make that environmental leap to embrace the future that is electric. 

Soaps That Heal

Aisling FitzGibbon

When Kevin Lynch’s son was born in 2009, he noticed the tell-tale signs of eczema on his little body. As a child, Kevin too had suffered from eczema and was repeatedly treated with steroidal creams. He didn’t want this future for his son as he himself had witnessed first-hand the long -term effects of steroids on his own skin. The skin on his hands had thinned from years of steroidal use.  Further research revealed the possibility of other physiological side effects of steroids such as bone thinning, high blood pressure and a disruption of the hormonal system. Both Kevin and his partner Tina began to look for natural skincare products on the market for their son’s skin but nothing worked. Tina herself began to experiment with chemical free alternatives for Caoimhin’s skin and eventually completed a professional soap making course. The initial seed was sown.

Pure Soap Created with love

Pure Soap Created with love

After a head injury in 2010 Kevin was prompted to rethink his career path and was drawn to study organic horticulture in the Organic College in Dromcollogher, Co Limerick. Gardens at his home in Clare soon had polytunnels and medicinal herbs growing in them. Tina, who had been made redundant from her work, continued to experiment with making her own soaps, using organic ingredients from their own garden and from other organic sources. Seeing the demand for their soaps at farmer’s markets and realising the unique potency and purity of their own products, inspired both Kevin and Tina to set up their own company. The business would use a combination of both of their skill sets using Kevin’s knowledge in herbs and plant biology and Tina’s training in graphic design, advertising and branding.

In October 2015 Airmid Natural Irish Skincare was set up. By October 2016, the business relocated to new premises in Waterville, close to the Ring of Kerry. I was introduced to some of Kevin’s products when I bought Airmid shaving soap and shampoo soap from Manna’s Organic Store in Tralee. At last I had found a natural shaving soap product that was chemical free and didn’t give me a rash. The shampoo in a bar nourished and softened my hair. I had discovered the Holy Grail of skin care and curious to know more I contacted Kevin and arranged to interview him in person.

Waterville, home of my maternal ancestors, is a beautiful setting for a natural and chemical free company. After a journey of 2 hours (had to stop in Cahersiveen to charge the Nissan Leaf Electric car) I found myself meandering down a country road into an almost silent countryside, punctuated with birdsong and the distant drone of a tractor. Trees and verdant foliage flanked the drive to Ireland’s most natural skincare company Airmid.

As I entered into Kevin’s premises, my sense of smell was ignited by the wonderful aroma in his building. Immediately I began to relax as I realised that what I was smelling was chemical free and pure. My sense of smell never lets me down. Kevin greeted me and showed me around. Kevin is a master alchemist who chooses pure essential oils firstly for skin benefit and then for aroma. His knowledge of the healing potency of herbs is apparent as he talks about their benefits on the skin. He assures me that all of his products are certified to EU standards and are suitable for the most sensitive of skin.

An ethical and humanitarian vision underpins this company- indeed it seems to be one of its driving forces. Kevin does not skimp on quality and ensures that his products are sourced from people who equally benefit from the commercial exchange. The 100% natural shea butter in Airmid’s products, is hand gathered by women participating in Fair Trade collectives in Ghana. Raw beeswax is sourced locally. It actually smelt so good I wanted to eat it!  I was particularly impressed with the reusable face scrubbies that come from Selkie Crochet in Waterville. The funds that go to Selkie Crochet, which sponsor two girls through ActionAid Ireland with their profits - one in Vietnam and the other in Kenya. The shampoo containers are recycled pulp that can be planted, the tins are reusable and all packaging comes from sustainable sources.

I was privileged to interview Kevin. His company Airmid is pioneering a new business model where everyone benefits and the environmental impact is negligible. Kevin’s company puts the customers health and well -being before profit. He would make anyone think twice about what they put on their skin since it’s our body’s largest excretory organ.  

Airmid is everything I would wish for in a skin care company. It is ethical, quality driven and natural. Moreover the products work.  My legs are already benefiting from the moisturising effects of the shaving soap and have been primed for summer exposure. I was loath to leave the heavenly aroma of Kevin’s premises but he gave me some bath melts and soaps. Thank you Kevin- the car never smelt as good on the journey home. The name Airmid is fitting as she was the Celtic Goddess of the Healing Arts. The name is in keeping with the emerging rise of the divine feminine. I was eager to get home to treat my inner goddess to a bath melt.

If you love the skin you’re in and are looking for products that are natural and pure, then I suggest that you check out Airmid. You can purchase their products directly from their website or from stores such as Manna Organics Tralee, Craft Makers, An Tigin Waterville, Waterville Pharmacy,  Skellig gift shop, Golden of Kells, Valentia Island Tourist Office and other stores around Ireland. Their range of products includes handmade soaps, shaving soap, bath melts, shampoo bars, lip balms, aromatherapy, eco soy candles and hampers for all occasions. You can follow Airmid Natural  Irish Skincare for their updates and news. 


My work in Preconception care chose me

Aisling FitzGibbon

When I finished school I really had no idea what to do. I had filled out a university application in my final year and ticked a few courses I felt might suit me.  I ended up doing a BA degree in Early Childhood studies in University College Cork. I learned about the psychology of early childhood, the physiology of early childhood and early years education. I had work experience in multiple settings- an ABA school and a special needs primary unit. When I saw the role that Occupational Therapy played in helping children with special needs I decided this was a career I wanted to pursue.

I found myself in Salford University in Manchester studying for a BsC degree in Occupational Therapy that required a return to the UK. I found this to be a stressful time but I persevered as I felt that this was going to be my future career. I enjoyed the course and learned a considerable amount but experienced the limitations of Occupational Therapy when working in a mental health setting with teenagers.  The setting was not conducive to health as it was hospital policy at the time to reduce budgets by cutting fruit out of the menu! The teenagers were heavily drugged with antipsychotic medication that was destroying their physical body. Their symptoms were being controlled but as the song says “the drugs don’t work, they just make it worse.” I felt that my work there was in a palliative capacity with little scope to bring about any real change. One day I was attacked by a young girl who tried to rip my hair out and who had to be restrained and knocked to the ground by a staff member. I felt despair for these young people who seemed to have nothing to look forward to as they were being kept in a zombie state by medication. The root cause of their illnesses were not addressed and it was a work environment that didn’t suit me. I felt unwell being there. 

The summer after my second year of Occupational Therapy training, I met a shaman who was visiting our home. Although I only said hello to her, she looked at me and said that whatever I was training in, I would not end up working in. She asked me to look into quantum physics. I just thought of Stephen Hawking and placed no further heed on what she said. At that time I had envisaged myself as an Occupational Therapy manager in a hospital setting of my choice.

My own problems with low energy and anxiety/depression prompted me to take matters into my own hands after I qualified as an Occupation Therapist and to finally look into the root cause of why I was feeling the way I did. I sought the help of Nutritionist Barbara Wren whose education and information changed my life. Using diet, supplements and detoxification techniques my energy was restored and I decided that as I had experienced such powerful transformation, that I wanted to study Nutritional Therapy. I trained as a Nutritional Therapist in the College of Natural Nutrition.

It seemed as though one path lead onto another and I was led to study the Gut and Psychology Syndrome with Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride, a pioneer in the treatment of conditions such as autism, ADHD and neurodevelopmental issues. My mind was opened to the healing power of gut health for conditions there were untreatable in the conventional medicine field. I went to an Autism seminar in Edinburgh where I listened to Dr Martha Herbert, who along with other doctors were beginning to realise that autism was a reversible condition and that the younger the child is treated the greater the chances for full recovery.

Although I had wanted to train with Dr Bill Walsh, author of Nutrient Power and expert on the causes of depression, it seemed that his training in 2015 was only limited to medical doctors. This year I felt inspired to look up training with Dr Bill Walsh for Nutritional Therapists and there was a course in Dublin for nutritionists to train with him. When I contacted Niamh Burke, the nutritionist who was organising the event she told me there was one place left! My wish to train with Dr Bill Walsh was granted showing me the miraculous power of the universe when we are on our life’s path.

Dr Bill Walsh is a colossuses of a man, whose knowledge and experience of mental health conditions further elucidated my understanding. He explained the importance of identifying the methylation status of each client as this is what would determine the treatment of mental health problems. In his extensive research and evaluation of methylation status, Dr Bill Walsh became convinced that most parents of children with autism exhibited symptoms of undermethylation, including high accomplishment, obsessive compulsive traits, attention to detail and seasonal allergies. He felt that if both parents possessed the same methylation imbalance, epigenetic abnormalities were far more likely.

By 1999 Dr Bill Walsh had collected blood and urine samples from over 50,000 children with autism. He discovered the presence of zinc and selenium deficiencies, copper overload, B6 deficiency and elevated toxic metals. Subsequent research by Dr Jill James, Dr Richard Deth and others showed that undermethylation is a distinctive feature of autism. It would seem that the low methyl levels in utero and in the foetus itself increases the likelihood of genetic errors which in turn increases the vulnerability to toxic metals and to oxidative stress.

We inherit from our parents our chromosomes which are 50% composed of DNA while the other 50% is made up of protein molecules that carry epigenetic markers that determine which genes get turned on and turned off. The environment in the mother’s womb alters the development of the foetus. Epigenetic changes can be caused by one’s diet and supplements and can echo far into our future generations. What a mother eats and drinks, along with the supplements she takes prenatally can affect the future health of her children.

Statistics from the CDC show that in 1982 one child in 2,200 had autism and yet by 2013 one in 50 have autism. Other childhood illnesses such as allergies, asthma and ADHD are also on the rise. Yet many of these conditions are preventable if we work on parents before children are born.  The preconception time is the best time to make dietary changes, to improve digestive health, to eliminate allergies and to detox from chemicals. It is also the best time to rectify any methylation issues that can have a negative effect on the health of the baby. Could it be that the most important protective measures against autism may be those taken prior to conception. I think so.

I work in preventative health care because this is an area I feel has the most positive effects – to promote the health of the next generation by working on the health of the mother to be beforehand. By providing a healthy environment for the incoming baby, a woman is giving her child the best possible chance to be healthy and strong. She also is making sure that she will be healthy and well postnatally. It is an honour and a privilege for me to be able to do this work.

How I work

I work in a 12 week programme. This time is needed to bring about the necessary changes and to get my client started on the road to wellness prior to conception. During the programme we ascertain your methylation status and based on results I create a tailor- made nutrition plan. I work on introducing dietary changes that fit in with your lifestyle and also suggest specified supplements to rectify any deficiencies. I introduce detox techniques to reduce minerals in excess and toxic metals. I look at improving adrenal, gut and thyroid health, all crucial prior to conception. I address blood sugar imbalances to help prevent reactive hypoglycaemia and gestational diabetes. I show how to reduce chemical exposure in the home and in make-up and hair care products. Lifestyle issues such as exercise and stress reduction are included to help  reduce stress hormones in the body.

The reason I work in 12 week programmes is to provide the necessary structure, support and framework for the changes to take place. Each week builds on the previous week so that we can get to the root cause of the symptoms that are showing up in your body. There also needs to be time to integrate the information so that it becomes your default setting. The weekly session provides accountability and the opportunity to move through any self – sabotage that comes up as you move from the known to the unknown.  

If you are interested in working closely with me prior to pregnancy then please fill in my clarity call application and we can get started on your preconceptual care programme. 

Babies are a gift from God 

Babies are a gift from God 

Why I Choose Organic Hair Dye

Aisling FitzGibbon

 A woman’s hair is a lifelong industry centring on the latest styles, and a myriad of vibrant colours. It's an industry that us women subscribe to because we want to look beautiful. We want that feeling of having our dull and lanky hair transformed into a bouffant of colour and glory. A visit to the hairdressers with its intimate setting, prompts a sharing of our lives, even the unburdening of life’s problems. It makes us happy but does that happiness come at a price?

When faced with a cancer diagnosis at the age of 28, Mette struggled to find out why. Her family had always been healthy, she didn’t smoke and she ate well. The lump in her breast set Mette on a journey of wellness that got her questioning everything we put into our body and what we put on our body. That included hair dye,a substance most women would find difficult to do without today, me included. 

Mette started with exploring safer shampoos and later on looked at producing a hair dye that wasn’t toxic to the women using it in their salon and to their customers. Natulique, an organic hair dye was born. The rest is history as salons now in 45 countries stock their colours. The ingredients in the dyes are made from renewable sources with 95% of ingredients coming from a natural source. They are paraben free, non GMO, with no microbeads or fillers. As much as possible they are biodegradable.

So does hair dye cause health problems?

It depends on what studies you read. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is part of the World Health Organisation who have said that workplace exposure as a hairdresser is “probably carcinogenic to humans.” This was based on data from cancer studies on bladder cancer. The National Toxicology Program ( NTP) has not classified exposure to hair colours as cancer causing.

The toxic chemicals that may be cancer causing and should be avoided, especially in pregnancy are PPD  (para phenylenediamine) Hydrogen peroxide, Ammonia, Parabens, Resorcinol, lead Acetate and DMDM Hydantoin. Mothers to be should not be exposed to breathing in the fumes associated with typical hair treatments. It is recommended by doctors that women stay clear of toxic compounds such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide for at least the first three months of pregnancy. The reason for this is that some chemicals may be linked to physical birth defects or genetic defects in the foetus. According to the American Cancer society, the Harvard School of Public Health and the American Journal of Epidemiology there is an association between using synthetic chemical dyes and certain types of cancers.

The Solution

I know I’m not taking any chances and have decided that the only hair colours I use come from Natulique. They are organic and chemical free which fits in with my green lifestyle. I had my hair done two weeks ago at a lovely salon in Dublin called Hermans who is using shampoos, conditioners and colours from the Natulique range. Speaking to Mette, one of the owners of the Natulique company, is refreshing as she is so passionate about her products. The vision of her company is for organic and sustainable cosmetics and products to become part of everyday life to enhance people’s lives and the environment. None of her products are tested on animals. Hurrah for pioneering entrepreneurs like Mette. 

Before getting my hair coloured by Natulique my roots had really grown out

Before getting my hair coloured by Natulique my roots had really grown out

My hair feels beautiful and in great quality after having highlights by Natulique. 

My hair feels beautiful and in great quality after having highlights by Natulique. 

Safety tips for colouring hair in pregnancy

Avoid having your hair coloured in the first trimester.

Choose a semi- permanent over a permanent dye

Wear gloves if colouring your own hair

Get highlights instead to avoid contact with the scalp

Request your own hairdresser to start using Natulique.

If you are a hairdresser based in Ireland and would like to move over to using Natulique in your salon you can contact Catriona at Simply Natural

For more great interviews with change makers join my Free Facebook Group Energy is Your Currency Community where I share a weekly interview and blog every Tuesday. 




Going Green Starts with a Shift in Consciousness

Aisling FitzGibbon


I love going to Manna, my local organic store where I have access to fresh organically grown produce. Manna, owned by Claire and Thomas O Connor is stocked with produce from their own farm in Gleann Na nGealt near Camp and from other organic suppliers. Their premises exudes light and life.

Claire and Thomas O Connor,pioneers of organic farming did what many farmers would have baulked at- they have created an organic mixed farm from 25 acres of land they bought in 2007 and brought the soil back to life using nettles, comfrey liquid and sea minerals combined with hard work and dedication. Their farm is home to a selection of animals such as pigs, ducks and hens, all of whom have access to plenty of open space. It’s a working haven of health and happiness.  

Organics, regarded as a trend by some, was the norm prior to the 1940’s. My great great- grandparents tilled the soil on their farm In Waterville using local seaweed to remineralise the land to provide healthy food for their large family and also for their local market.  They were strong healthy people who lived well.  My great- grandparents who moved into the town also grew their own vegetables organically in their back garden, growing their own apples, strawberries, carrots, onions, cabbage and potatoes. By the time it came to my grandparents, the bulk of their food came from supermarkets although I do recall my grandfather growing some potatoes and lettuce in a plot of land behind their shop.

Origins of chemical farming

The switch over to chemical farming began after World War 2 when profit and production saw the introduction of pesticides such as DDT. Hailed as a miracle by some, its use soon spread to farms globally including Ireland. However in 1962 the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson questioned the effect that synthetic chemicals were having on the environment. Rachel  noted that DDT and its metabolites were making bird eggshells thinner causing  egg breakages and  embryo death. Rachel also implied that DDT was a human carcinogen. Although DDT was subsequently banned, it has been replaced  by numerous other pesticides, organophosphates, herbicides and fungicides. Soils are fertilized and enhanced using chemical fertilisers that favour maximum growth and yield.

Effects of chemical farming

The health of the soil depends upon a delicate balance of micronutrients, macronutrients and microbes. Adding chemical fertilisers such as NPK(nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) to increase growth and yield does not come without side effects both for the environment and for us. This overuse of nitrogen depletes soil nutrients and contaminates our drinking water. Excess nitrogen coming through our water can lead to respiratory issues and cancers. Coming through the air it can increase one’s allergic response to pollen. A study from the University of Wisconsin, showed that artificial fertilisers used in combination with pesticides altered the immune, endocrine and the nervous systems in mice. Authors Colborn et al in their book Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence and Survival outline the effects of the breakdown of pesticides on the soil. Organophosphates such as Diazinon become even more toxic as they break down, leading to reproductive problems. There are 7,200 registered biocides in the EU. Pesticides are toxic to all living organisms and aren’t we all living organisms?  A July 2007 study conducted by researchers at the Public Health Institute, the California Department of Health Services, and the UC Berkeley School of Public Health found a six fold increase in risk factor for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) for children of women who were exposed to organochlorine pesticides.

Pesticides affect our endocrine system, hormonal regulation and embryo development. Pregnant women are particularly at risk as they have to detox pesticides at a time when their organs are already being overtaxed with their growing foetus.

In May 2010, scientists from the University of Montreal and Harvard University released a study that found  exposure to pesticide residues on vegetables and fruit may double a child’s risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a condition that can cause inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity in children.

Studies by the National Cancer Institute found that American farmers, had startling incidences of leukaemia, Hodgkin’s disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and many other forms of cancer.

What is the solution?

The solution is to buy organic produce as much as we can. Less pesticide use ensures that the fruits and vegetables are healthier.Organic food is often fresher as it's produced on smaller nearby farms so it’s not being transported for miles. The growing of organic food is better for the environment as it reduces pollution, conserves water, increases soil fertility. Organically raised animals are not fed antibiotics, growth hormones or fed animal by- products. Organic meat and milk are richer in certain nutrients such as omega 3 oils.

What if I can't buy organic?

If you cannot buy organic food then be careful to wash all fruits and vegetables before consumption. For some people a barrier to buying organic can be cost or availability. Organic food is more expensive as it is more labor intensive as farmers are farming without chemical fertilisers. Also it's expensive to get organic certification and organic food for animals  is more expensive.  Many supermarkets however,  due to demand, have increased their range of organic produce. Supermarkets such as Aldi have announced that they, removed certain pesticides from their foods, have expanded their organic range of vegetables and fruits and have meats that contain no antibiotics or hormones.

If you cannot buy organic the next best thing to do is to buy local products. I always buy locally grown carrots as they taste delicious. I also buy free range local eggs and meats that come from a reputable butcher. There is also the option of growing your own food in your garden and even if you don’t have access to a garden you can grow herbs in pots and lettuces in troughs. I have a large garden with a few raised beds that I use to grow onions (super easy to grow), lettuces, peas, beans, beetroots (easy) and spinach. The satisfaction I get from growing these is great. You can start small and build up every year.

As consciousness rises people are turning away from practices that are ruinous to the environment, to people and to aquatic life. People lead by example. Thomas and Claire are an example of what can be done. Their life’s work is an inspiration to other farmers to want to make the switch to organic farming.  Some farmers are still on the fence, but they are watching and waiting until they too are inspired to make the switch over to the organic way of living.

Farmers are becoming interested partly because there is a growing consumer demand for organically grown food and for organic milk and meat. Thomas is their role model. This is very important as one of the barriers to organics is simply a lack of understanding and education on how to go about making the switch from a conventional farm to an organic farm. 

Thomas having fun with their geese on Manna Organic Farm on the Dingle Penninsula in Co.Kerry, Ireland

Thomas having fun with their geese on Manna Organic Farm on the Dingle Penninsula in Co.Kerry, Ireland

Going to visit Thomas and Claire’s farm is like entering into an oasis of peace and calm, where vegetables grow in large polytunnels and outside. Trees are strategically placed to shelter the growth of outside plants and vegetables from the inclement westerly winds. Ducks and geese waddle in and out of vegetable patches, doing a fine job of eating the bugs and insects. Thomas practices biodynamic farming which creates a diversified, balanced farm eco system that generates health and fertility from within the farm itself. Biodynamic practices make us more conscious of the earth and how we treat her. So, take a few steps in the coming weeks if you can, to going greener by supporting a way of life that is life enhancing and healthier for everyone. One of Thomas’s dreams is for community supported agriculture to become a reality, where smaller organic farms will be paid to grow vegetables for their community. We all have a choice. Pay the farmer or pay the pharmacy. I know which one I choose. 

If you feel inspired to work with me please fill in my clarity call application form. I use a combination of diet, supplements and energy work to restore your energy so you can live the life you want to live. 

Friday Q & A

Aisling FitzGibbon

Acceptance opens the flow of energy.png

Q:How can I learn to trust the Universe?

This week's question came from a lady who wanted to know how we can develop a trust in the universe which can be challenging when life isn't going in the way we had planned. Many people are so used to being in the driving seat of their lives that when ill health or a traumatic event happens, it can feel for a time that life is spiralling out of control. When this happens and someone casually says that you need to develop a trust in the universe, this can feel like the wrong response ,when all you want is to get back into your old life that was safe, secure and known. 

I know what this feels like as it happened to me when I had to develop a trust in the universe at a young age. I was on holidays from University and working two Summer jobs, partly to fund my life for the coming term and partly to pay for a holiday with my friends. Due to many reasons, some explained in a previous blog. I became ill and absolutely exhausted. With little lifeforce energy, life began to rapidly unravel and although I tried to patch things up with medication I limped along, knowing that this wasn't a long term solution.  I recall thinking that all I wanted was to have my old life back but the universe had other plans for me.

Once I began my healing journey I had to learn to let go. This wasn’t easy as I was used to setting goals, working towards them and making new ones. I remember even writing down the month I thought I would get better and crossed off each new achievement as I was recovering. I kept a journal of how I felt at each stage, how I wanted to feel and had marked out a date when I would be full of energy and happiness. When it didn’t happen in the time zone I had anticipated I felt that I had let myself down and that the universe sucked big time. I remember crying to my mum and she told me that there are times in life when it is best not to attach too much to outcome. The ego part of me recoiled at such a suggestion as I had put so much time and energy into getting well but I was willing to try. It was my turning point as once I let go and stopped focusing on getting well my energy gradually returned.

My recipe for learning to trust in the universe.

1)    I learned that if we try to control the outcome we are overtly focusing on the problem. There is a universal law that we strengthen that which we oppose. I was opposing myself, sending myself messages that I wasn’t right. I had to learn to love and accept myself where I was at that point in time. Yes I had the intention of getting my energy back but instead of focusing on that intention I let it go. If we attach too much to outcome we tend to block the flow of life. Society tends to judge us on what we do and focuses on our monetary value. I had to learn that I was enough just the way I was. 

2)    I realised that there was little point in waiting to be happy in a future setting so I decided to find happiness on a daily basis. I tapped into my vision daily. I learned to cultivate joy in nature, go for gentle walks, appreciate the beauty of where I lived. I was eating a super healthy diet and made beautiful meals full of energy, colour and taste. I was sending messages of life and love to my body and to my soul.

3)    Being outside in nature helped me to align with the universal energy. Nature is part of who we are and being outside, walking or gardening helped me to tune into the earth upon which we all live. Nature is a powerful ally and being in it reduces inflammation, sends a calming message to the nervous system and feeds the senses. I learned to love the trees in the local forest, appreciate their majesty and sense their life giving force. I enjoyed how I felt being outside walking even in the Irish rain. 

4)    We got rid of our TV as it was sprouting negative news and creating a world vision that wasn't mine. In doing this I spent lots of time in silence and really learned to tune into my own thoughts and feelings. This helped me to develop and refine my own intuition. I became able to discern how I felt in certain situations and how I felt around people. I felt I was really learning to listen to my inner guidance. I know that this concept of trust can be a challenging one for some people, especially when they are reminded on on a continuous news loop that the world isn't  a safe place. I can't stress enough how important it is to extricate oneself from the fear grid and choose what you read and what you watch.

5)    I fed my soul with inspiring books and quotes. I watched comedies and laughed. This helped me to stay upbeat and as my energy and awareness rose I started to attract into my life the people and experiences that would lead me to the next step in my life. We attract where we are at on an energy level so it’s important to work on increasing our energy and vibration.

6)    As my energy increased through food, supplements and daily practices I felt a confidence in my  body that I didn’t have before. I began to trust in my body and in its ability to create energy. From being able to trust myself I began also  to trust in a universe that had provided me with the support structure I needed for my recovery. I became grateful for what the universe had provided and instead of berating myself, I began to acknowledge myself for having undertaken a journey that would eventually bring me into a place of health, happiness and lots of love.

7)    I learned to trust in the unknown elements of life and not to future trip which only triggered fear and anxiety. The unknown becomes the known on a daily basis and all we really have is now. I began to become more present and more at peace in the now.

8)    I cleared any limiting thoughts and beliefs I had about myself and also cleared my ancestral karma, by cellular and emotional clearing. I was simply making room for the new detoxed me. I discovered that we can block what we need when we become enmeshed in our stories. The past is the past and the real power and potential is in the moment. We can work on creating a newer happier story. 

There were times of course when life wasn’t all plain sailing. Anytime I decided to control the outcome my energy would drop and I would have to go back to the drawing board and learn to release again and again. I learned to simply state my intentions and let go. When energy increases, one’s vibration increases and this is what allowed me to be open to the many miracles and surprises that the universe had and still has to offer. Trust in the universe starts with you and the further you are on your healing journey the easier it becomes. One step at a time illuminates the next one, guiding us on our continued evolution.

If you feel inspired to work with me please fill in my clarity call application form. I use a combination of diet, supplements and energy work to restore your energy so you can live the life you want to live. 


Friday Q & A

Aisling FitzGibbon


Hi Aisling

 Q: My grandson has been diagnosed with ADHD by his GP. He has always been a very lively lad but since starting secondary school last year has found it difficult to concentrate on his school work and lately has become disruptive in class. Her GP mentioned him taking Ritalin but I would be interested in looking at more natural alternatives. I would be grateful for any advice you can give me. Thanks for your time.

 A:Thanks for your email. It seems a pity that GPs are not looking at the reasons behind behaviour problems instead of offering medication that does nothing to rectify the underlying biochemical imbalances if the reason is physical. Prescriptions for Ritalin have more than doubled in the past decade. In the UK there has been a seven fold increase since 1997. In Ireland the HSE spent 2.5 millions in 2012  on ADHD medications, the highest spend being on Ritalin at 1.3 million.

 Ritalin works by stimulating the part of the brain that controls our mental and behavioural processes. This drug does not come without side effects. It has also been known since 1986 that methylphenidate, the generic term for Ritalin, causes shrinkage of the brain. A study that appeared in Psychiatry Research (Vol. 17, 1986) states: "The data in this study are suggestive of mild cerebral atrophy in young male adults who had a diagnosis of HK/MBD during childhood and had received stimulant drug treatment for a period of time." The power of methylphenidate is closer to cocaine than aspirin.

I would certainly not consider giving any young child a drug like Ritalin due to its side effects, long term repercussions and because the causes of ADHD  are not being addressed. Sometimes children find the transitions to Secondary school difficult as it comes with its own challenges.  The transition from childhood into adolescence can also be problematic for some children when they lack the vitamins, minerals and essential oils that they body needs in order to step into this new stage. I would suggest addressing your grandson’s diet, making sure that he is getting sufficient protein from lean cuts of meat (meat is high in zinc), incorporating a wide range of vegetables and some fruit into his diet and also takes a high quality krill oil supplement which helps with brain development and with mood.  I would also monitor his exposure to smart phones and to the internet which can be quite addictive, causing dopamine rushes to the brain flooding his immature brain with feel good chemicals.  This can lead to a lack of concentration in school as the brain is used to being overtly stimulated by cyber images. I would look at his sleeping levels as a growing boy needs enough sleep to be able to concentrate the following day. His mother could try massaging magnesium oil onto his feet at night before sleep and make sure that all electronic equipment is out of bedroom when he goes to sleep. It's also a good idea for him to spend time outside and to perhaps encourage him to take part in a sport. I would also advise him to drink sufficient fluid as dehydration has a stress effect on the brain and can cause children to act up and misbehave.

 I work with mothers addressing their children’s health issues on a weekly coaching programme. I help to design fun and interesting menus for children and create a tailor -made supplement programme. I also look at emotional issues and work on  lifestyle changes when necessary.  

If you are interested in working with me please fill in my clarity call application form and we can take it from there. 

Transiting to a New Health Paradigm

Aisling FitzGibbon

Navigating the New Health Template requires support, guidance and accountability (3).png

We are living in a time when we are moving from the current health paradigm into a whole new healing template. The patriarchal system, using the reductionist and separatist model of medicine views organs as separate from one another and sees the mind as separate from what is going on in the rest of the body. This has led to much confusion of our energy systems and how they operate. It has prompted generations of people to seek health in pills and drugs that may address symptoms but has robbed us of our real energy and vitality.  

How did we get here?

Historically, Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes all contributed to the shift in human consciousness that finally separated humanity from the ancient spiritual heritage that had linked it in an intimate and self -sustaining relationship with nature. The universe was viewed as a machine, a resource to be understood and exploited. Spirituality, faith and all the mystery and magic that had been the central controlling force in people’s lives began to disappear. Our alienation from nature has cost us dearly as it stopped us from accessing our interconnectedness not just to nature but to one another and to our own body. Big Pharma has capitalised on the separatist model, creating a cornucopia of drugs to attack disease. This has stopped us from understanding the difference between the relief of symptoms and real healing, leading to a disconnect between our feelings and our physical body. The drug model with its suppression of symptoms has led to the current epidemic in chronic ill health problems, immune deficiency and in mental health problems. The war on disease has inadvertently become an attack on ourselves.

The Emerging Solution

The new healing template acknowledges our connection to nature and indeed our dependence upon it for our health and healing. It approaches healing on multidimensional levels, seeing our body, mind, emotions and our spiritual health as being interconnected and dependent on one another. The new healing template is an educational process that teaches each client to understand the origin of their health condition and gives the steps to successfully navigate their own journey to health and happiness.

Part and parcel of this process is creating attainable and sustainable goals. This requires careful crafting as if we create goals that are vague and wishy washy, this will not sustain the vision we seek to attain. As an Occupational Therapist, I understand the importance of goal setting as a means to get to where we want to be with our energy and health. Sometimes the changes may seem overwhelming in their totality, but when we break goals into bite size steps, the results are amazing. The human ego is resistant to change, even when change is for the better. This is why I support changes in simple achievable steps and why I provide the emotional support to help you overcome resistance and self -sabotage.

I help each client to navigate their own healing journey and to understand what is happening at each stage. Without that understanding the motivation and will power to continue can wane, especially when the healing process doesn’t go quite as anticipated. For example, a person may start out wanting to sort out their methylation issues and may have read Dr Bill Walsh’s work and the work of Dr Natasha Campbell Mc Bride. They could even have already adopted the Weston Price Diet and now feel ready to take the next step. Based on what they’ve read they decide to take methyl folate as one of the vitamins to help normalise methylation status. Initially for the first two days they begin to feel super well and energetic but by day three, feeling very unwell they ditch the methyl folate, feeling that this supplement is not for them. They now feel unsure as to how to proceed as the text books are telling them that this is the answer. This leads to a build- up of stress as they are no closer to attaining their health goals.

The text books can give us all the information we need but what is missing for the most part is the real -life navigation of the knowledge. This is why I work in health programmes as I know the value of structure, guidance and accountability as we attempt to create the biochemical changes and the emotional leaps forward needed for health. Methyl folate needs other co factors to work and may deplete the base line minerals such as magnesium unless they are firstly repleted. Methyl folate may create intense detox reactions in some people that may require organ support and detox techniques to make sure that the toxins that are stirred up are safely released from the body. When toxins are released from the cells and are unable to exit the body, they tend to distribute elsewhere leading to a further lowering of energy.

I know from experience that we cannot just address physical health problems without addressing the emotional undercurrents that may be depleting the vitamins and minerals that we need for optimum health. Being in a state of low energy can feel emotionally difficult for some people which is why we need to support our emotional state of mind as we undergo the healing process. Some people who are very high achievers can find it emotionally difficult if they are not right as they may see it as a failure on their part. During my health programme, we break down exactly where you are at and we work together to reach peace and acceptance of where you are right now. This releases a lot of stress and provides more energy for the healing process. Being in a calm and accepting energy begins the process of transformation.

Support is needed as we begin to change the biochemical status. I have worked with people who in the past have done one off sessions with other Nutritionists but who still feel in the dark about their health problems. They feel unable to put the whole picture together and give up when things start to go wrong.  During my weekly sessions, I get my clients to record what has happened during the week and how they have reacted to a change in diet and in their supplements. Sometimes a client may need to increase their magnesium supplement if their sleeping issue has not resolved. Sometimes they may need to switch over from magnesium citrate to magnesium glycinate and then they are sleeping like a baby. Sometimes they have to reduce the level of supplementation so that their organs of detox such as the liver can cope with what is being released. Every one navigates their own healing journey differently and I am delighted to be able to support them to get to their desired outcomes. 

If you are interested in working with me on a health programme and in designing your own healing template then get in touch my filling in my clarity call application form and we can take it from there. 


Wallace-Murphy T, Hidden Wisdom, Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition 



Aisling FitzGibbon

I used to do one off Health Care plans for people. Having taken a detailed case history and spent time making out a nutritional plan, off went my clients with the knowledge to get well. Job done, or so I thought, until I realised that unless my clients returned I had absolutely no idea if they implemented the plan or not. All these nutritional plans were flying through cyberspace and I was unaware of the final outcome. No feedback made me feel like I wasn’t doing my job right. What I learned very quickly in my practice is that there was a big difference in giving someone a Health care programme, expecting them to figure it out for themselves and in supporting them as they learned how to implement it.  

Welcome to the new Health Care Model

From experience, I know that health coaching works. In the same way that nobody can expect to get a six pack from one visit to the gym, it's difficult to expect change from a one- off Health Care plan. Yes, there can be some benefit from a single session but long term sustainable change takes at least three months to achieve. This is because change is a multifaceted process. For example, some people need emotional support before they can even begin to implement any biochemical changes. Others like to dive in and do the biochemical work first and then find they have the energy and motivation to clear stuck emotions and outdated mindsets. There are clients who like to delve deeper beyond the physical and emotional to discover their soul’s path before they become energised, happy and fulfilled.

As a Therapist, my role is to hold the space for each client, allowing them to approach their healing from where they are at while acting as a bridge taking them from where they are to where they want to be. Eventually they are taught to become their own expert, their own healer, their own authority by learning to implement the knowledge that I share in our weekly sessions.

It takes education and time to make the shift away from the current medical paradigm into the new Health Care Model that requires self -responsibility, understanding of one’s own energetic system and learning about what works for you. For too long we have given our authority away to the medical system. We have expected others to heal us from our symptoms, not realising that symptoms are our body’s messengers, telling us when something's wrong. The new Health Care Model sees all our energy bodies as interconnected- our physical, our emotional, our mental and our spiritual bodies. You cannot heal one level without experiencing shifts in another.

When a client signs up for us to work together it is a commitment to themselves and to their healing. I offer 1:1 online sessions lasting 90 minutes. Taking a detailed case history gives me valuable insights that I use to inform my treatment plans. Over the coming weeks, I use the time to review where clients are at and what has emerged for them since the last session. I monitor how they are responding to the biomedical changes we have implemented and make adjustments where necessary. 

I use my Occupational Therapy skills to help break down goals into manageable and actionable steps. This helps to greatly reduce the overwhelm all of us can experience when changes are needed and actions are required to be taken. Slow and steady wins the race as it takes time to implement new habits and to create the neural pathways to embody new information.

Most attempts at change don’t work, not because people don’t make progress but because they are unable to keep that progress going. It is my job to make each client accountable and motivated to keep them on track for each week of their programme. Unless people are accountable there will always be an excuse not to change. Sometimes people resist change as it makes them feel afraid and uncomfortable. Some people want to change but can unwittingly sabotage their efforts just when they are ready to make a leap forward so we explore what exactly is holding them back from achieving their goals. 

Change is rarely a single event as it happens over time- likewise it may not happen linearly as clients can move back and forth until the change becomes fully established.  There is no one size fits all formula. We look at energy from all angles making sure that the physical changes are in line with lifestyle changes and with the people in our lives. There is no point in just addressing our physical energy if it's leaking out to other people who don’t respect our boundaries.

Vitamin J forms the backdrop of my healing approach. I'm aware that we need to build up stores of joy in our lives, be it from learning to appreciate and find joy in what we already have in our lives to finding it through other avenues. When we learn anything from a place of joy we seek from a place of fullness rather than lack. By connecting to the vibration of joy our attitudes transform and pave the way to solutions.

Working in structured Health Care Programmes with people has made the world of a difference to my professional work as I can experience the successes of people on their healing journey and share eureka moments and game changing energetic shifts. Showing people how to implement their programme has revolutionised my practice and enabled me to deliver a more efficient and worthwhile service. I was once naïve enough to think that a one-off session could change someone’s health. Now I know that healing is a process that needs to be carefully monitored and adjusted according to healing reactions and to where each client is at.

The new Health Care Model is multidimensional in all aspects and requires education and time to fully embrace it. When I start each new journey with a client I have no idea where it will take us. I am always surprised what lies beneath the societal layers, the familial conditioning and the presenting health picture. Underneath it all is utter perfection that reveals itself as we proceed. I am forever humbled by my work and I am delighted to be able to support the transformation of each new client as they learn to embrace their new template. 

If you are interested in working with me anytime soon, then fill in my clarity call application form and we can take it from there.



Friday Q & A

Aisling FitzGibbon

Hi Aisling, I had these bloods done in Dublin and was deemed to be copper overloaded and undermethylated based on high histamine. He said this was an unusual combination. However, I spoke to a nutritionist in Galway and she didn’t think that a high histamine alone would prove undermethylation as histamine is so variable. My tests were done by a doctor who had trained with Dr Bill Walsh.

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Aisling FitzGibbon

So, what are you waiting for? For the time to be right? For everything to be sorted before you take action? We all suffer from procrastination to some degree from time to time. You know how it is when you have two weeks to complete a college assignment and somehow it gets crammed into the two days before the deadline. Ahhhhh. You know the feeling.

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